Transformation and transformation of the Nanjing West Road real estate business to try to change the younger, experiential road has been, in the face of the electricity supplier, such as the impact of multiple pressures, breaking the difficult road of physical business. Jingan District Nanjing West Road District yesterday released the latest statistics, in the past 6, 7, 8 and three months of traditional business in the off-season, Nanjing West Road is a thriving, three consecutive months of sales growth of more than 10%, behind and the retail industry is not easily won achievement, always follow customers. Please listen to the report: when online shopping has become the norm, the days of the entity is increasingly difficult. As a representative of the high-end retail industry in Shanghai, Nanjing West Road business district how to do? How to change? Are 80 popular in Jingan Kerry Center 90’s answer is: to accompany young consumers. Deng Rushun, general manager of operations in the face of a reporter is very humorous: now you see the empty shop, see the adjustment, in fact, to do business, we have to accompany the growth of consumers, we also want to accompany consumers to become young. Honestly, how many years are 92 years old? 92 years of shoppers, see a piece of OMEGA table, wow! Now, hey. Variable] young Kerry Center, introduced some looks not so big brand, format is not just retail, did not expect the last "big hitters". "In the past we are to Kerry as tall, but we are tall on the back or front, plus a courteous and accessible, or amiable and easy of approach. For example, our cafe, beside the Fauvism, 1010 candles are, let us change an image, is a very successful replacement. "Kerry Center change, is a microcosm of Nanjing West Road District adjustment and transformation. In fact, with the rise of the Internet economy, changes in consumer habits, physical business in recent years to face the challenges and pressures continue to increase, business model and format adjustment imperative. CITIC Square, deputy general manager Zhu Peiliang said, 2 years ago they had begun Yetai adjustment, but the adjustment is not a good way to go. If we just put all the shops filled, it is easy for me to do, but I don’t want to. In the future, we will create a young, fashionable, cultural and artistic atmosphere, so that young consumers love to attract more young, powerful consumer groups. "Change" is the truth of the retail industry, and then "tall" luxury retail industry can not escape. As "Mei Taiheng" in big brother, Westgate Plaza opened in CITIC Plaza, than in earlier years, the "real commercial winter" said Deputy General Manager Lu Hongqing do not agree. It’s not the most difficult thing. The most difficult 97 years of opening, the entire Nanjing West Road elevator, I am a person by 68. Now is not the most difficult, this is a market behavior. You pick customers, customers pick you. Today, Westgate Plaza catering proportion, has increased from the first 17% to 35% now, the future may also increase. The cinema will be expansion, increased from 6 to 8 / now. There is the opposite of Rachel Europe Department, not only introduced to enjoy the "most beautiful bookstore" reputation as the "bell Road相关的主题文章: