Nanjing coordinators were beaten arrested batterers Beijing – Jinling Evening News (correspondent Zhang Shengchao Yang Qinyun reporter Xu Xin) recently, Nanjing Pukou District Street Management Association Tangquan keeper Yan Tao, in assisting in the management of the store door Chutan, by operating households beat, the perpetrators have been Pukou police administrative detention. On the morning of 10, Tang Quan Street area keeper Association Yan Tao, is spring around the farmers’ market inspections on business order, find the market east side door there is a table in front of the door, suspected of jeeves. So Yan Tao to persuade the business, let the table move back to the room. But operators refused to cooperate, but also curse. See business households do not want to rectify, Yan Tao took the initiative to move the table back to the room. Yan Tao turned to leave households to chase out the side edge hit Yan Tao face curse. Husband rushed to the operating households, armed with a hammer, back, chest to Yan Tao and so many parts of the repeated blows. When Yan Tao to prevent the other damage, households from the nearby homeopathic picked up the mop stick, with repeated blows Yan Tao, causing head injuries and the corner of Yan tao. Then the people around to stop violence against business households, Yan Tao also contacted the head of Jiang Bo, after Jiang Bo led the team rushed to the nearby. But the business did not give up, return to the store with a knife to cut people, thanks to the other officers to stop. In the head of Jiang Bo, operating households husband holding hammer to Yan Tao body on the go, Jiang Bo stopped in time, this led to Jiang Bo’s hand was scratched. After the arrival of the police in Pukou, to investigate and deal with, and in accordance with the relevant facts, according to the law of the administrative management of the family’s husband.相关的主题文章: