The National People’s Congress, the interpretation of the law more than Hong Kong Independence molecules or losing their seats original title: the National People’s Congress interpretation "sword" more than "independence elements or lose membership reporter Ling Detao Aoki Chen Su Jing a real short of the 7 NPC Standing Committee to 155 votes unanimously adopted the" basic law "of Hongkong 104th explanation this is a clear explanation of relevant provisions of public officials must be in accordance with the law when he took the oath of office". People read is inconsistent with the statutory oath deliberately oath or in any way, not sincere not solemn oath, are refused to take the oath oath invalid, people lost the office stipulated corresponding public qualifications. In the case of an oath which does not conform to the provisions of this interpretation and the law of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, it shall be deemed to be an invalid oath and shall not be re arranged. In the morning, deputy secretary-general of the NPC Standing Committee and committee director Li Fei said at a press conference, which is the National People’s Congress Standing Committee to perform the provisions of the Constitution and the basic law of the constitutional authority and the basic law have the same effect as the interpretation of the law, has the highest legal authority. Li Fei said that the interpretation of the law emphasizes the relevant statutory public officials of political loyalty duty, uphold the Constitution and authority of the Hongkong basic law, the legislation will lead to major legal issues in the process of resolving the oath, that "one country two systems has been fully and accurately implement, is very timely and necessary. He stressed that the Hong Kong Independence is not a general political, but a major legal issues, the law should be subject to law. After the interpretation of the law, the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive Liang Zhenying immediately held a press conference with a number of officials. Liang Zhenying at a press conference on the first criticism beam, intentional violation of procedure and tour et al oath oath provisions, and even make insulting the country’s words and deeds, to promote Hong Kong independence advocates, a serious impact on the rule of law, the destruction of "one country two systems", "influence caused great shock and extremely bad". He said, as the chief executive of the HKSAR under the responsibility of the "basic law" Article 48 implementation of the "basic law", "I will be the full implementation of the SAR government, and reiterated that Hongkong is a part of the country can not be separated," all the people of Hongkong have the responsibility to safeguard national unity, territorial integrity and security, and national dignity and interests". "The National People’s Congress’ sword ‘," Hong Kong Independence "will face what?" Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily" website said, according to the interpretation of law, for the first time in the oath for "shame" by the president of the Legislative Council Liang Junyan ruled invalid oath beam, tour is almost certain to disqualified. The report also said that two people had received a monthly salary of HK $95 thousand per person and open an office of more than 830 thousand Hong Kong dollars "working capital" will be recovered. Hongkong "headline" website, in addition to the beam and Songheng tour was Huizhen, director of the liaison office in Zhang Xiaoming severely criticized the oath "very undignified" of Liu Xiaoli and Yao Songyan have also been ruled invalid oath, they held the seat the opportunity is not great. Yao Songyan was in the oath with "guardian of Hongkong righteousness, for the general election" and other words, was the Legislative Council Secretary General Chen Weian refers to the oath invalid. When Liu Xiaoli was slowly read the oath, every word the middle pause a few seconds, eventually spent more than 10 minutes to complete the Jun相关的主题文章: