Finance If you are looking to resolve a past due IRS tax problem, and you simply do not foresee ever having all the funds to pay your delinquent tax bill, you may qualify for the Offer in .promise program.  All is not lost and the Offer in .promise program is definitely the most favorable form of tax relief offered by the Internal Revenue Service.  This program allows you to settle your IRS tax debt for a reduced amount.   Depending upon your specific financial circumstances, this reduced amount could actually be “pennies on the dollar” when .pared to your past due tax bill.  And it is not impossible to qualify for the Offer in .promise program.  The IRS grants/approves approximately 50% of all requests.  IRS tax debt settlement could be your way to have a “fresh financial start” and be rid of the burden and stress caused by your delinquent taxes.   However, the process for securing approval to settle your IRS tax debt is not effortless.  You will need to prove to the IRS that there is no conceivable way you could pay your entire delinquent tax debt within the next 5 years.  The IRS is understandably cautious before giving up its right to collect your full delinquent tax liability and allowing you to settle your IRS tax debt for less.  There is detailed financial information that must be disclosed and your information must be presented in the proper format to insure you give yourself your best chance to qualify for the tax debt settlement program.  The IRS has extremely specific guidelines that insure it is in their best interest to take a lesser amount, rather than employ all the collection tactics they have available, only to end up with nothing from you as payment on the past due taxes.  It is strongly re.mended that an Offer in .promise be prepared and filed by a tax firm of professionals in this area.  The guidelines are .plicated and the margin for error is much greater if a taxpayer attempts to “self train” on the regulations and file the settlement themselves.  Additionally, professional tax assistance in this area will give you advance information on if it appears you are eligible for this tax debt settlement program.  If the tax advisors do not feel you will qualify for the Offer in .promise program, they can suggest alternative forms of tax relief that you may be eligible for in your current situation.  Another important reason that professional tax advisors are re.mended is that they can handle the follow up process with the IRS to check on the status of your approval as well as the appeals process if you are rejected.  Many firms will actually file the appeal on your behalf at no additional charge.  Remember that the acceptance rate of offers submitted by tax professionals for this tax debt settlement program is much higher than that of offers submitted by individual taxpayers muddling through the guidelines on their own.  You want to be sure to give yourself the greatest possible chance of success to settle your IRS tax debt for less!  The result affects the financial future of you and your family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: