Net about car choose the only comfort 200 thousand floor intermediate car recommended recently Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu have dished out the relevant rules and regulations about the car network, although a lot is just a plan, but has not been implemented, believe that the implementation of the near distance. For the network about the car this once very popular, very profitable, many friends have this thing left to open network about cars, the future is good or bad is unclear, but the standardization or is a good thing, after all, the car demand is high, passengers can also be more comfortable than if only a taxi is slightly more expensive, but more convenient and more comfortable service is acceptable. By looking around the policy outline for the network about cars, demand generally concentrated displacement is not lower than in the 2.0L naturally aspirated or 1.8T turbocharged engine more than three car passenger cars or 7 seat passenger car, and the vehicle wheelbase of not less than 2700 mm. So a few conditions, the basic car is destined to be intermediate car or MPV. In addition, drivers also need a local account to ensure the safety of passengers. In addition to the vehicle management rights period from the date of registration of the vehicle no longer than 8 years (or mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) reached 600 thousand km), vehicle management rights are not allowed to transfer, the car just at the time of registration is only 8 years or 600 thousand kilometers of life. 2017 TOYOTA Camry XLE Hybrid video display for the special open network about the car owners, usually have to take into account the number of families under the car, so a comfortable car is very important. 8 years will be scrapped, to maximize the benefit of it, so this car must worry fuel-efficient small problems, but also have a large space and comfortable passengers can sit comfortably, then in so many overlapping conditions, you can buy what car? Next we look together, the recommended intermediate car are 2.0L displacement version, and the market has more than 20 thousand yuan discount, count the insurance purchase tax cost, the price was about 200 thousand yuan, and the use is also very worry, quite worth attention. Guangzhou TOYOTA (micro-blog) the official guide price: 18.48-32.98 yuan discount: discount rate ranging from 2.2-3.5 million recommended models: 2016 2.0G ten anniversary Deluxe Edition when it comes to the most comfortable to open and save worry, first think of the most suitable for network about car models is Guangzhou TOYOTA Camry, Highlander TOYOTA Camry (cf. with pictures, inquiry), listed since 2006, has led the 10 years in the domestic intermediate car market in the world, the sales have reached about 10000000 units. For many years down the accumulation of reputation is very good, large space, comfortable suspension tuning, very smooth feeling is very good, is a can put the drivers and passengers can take care of tuotuotietie models, very much in line with the network about car demand. Look into the new Camry TOYOTA family style, and more chrome trim. The tail changed little compared with cash, only details. Length increased by 25mm than the old, joined the LED day.相关的主题文章: