New Delhi, emergency response to severe haze weather schools factories – Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in India Zou Song "closed, stop production]!" in the haze in breath for a week long night in New Delhi capital of India resorted to the history of the most stringent Pollution Control Act ": from 7 onwards in New Delhi, more than 1800 schools closed for 3 days; the capital area of all construction work in 5 days; in addition to the hospital and communication station, capital of all temporary diesel power station to suspend the operation of 5 days; one of New Delhi’s largest coal-fired power plant’s production for 10 days…… The main reason for the burning of crops or the evening of 6, "Global Times" reporter in India received a letter from the school e-mail: "dear parents, the municipal government issued the closure decisions due to air pollution, the school continues to close. When classes will notice." Early on Thursday, it has been reported that "New Delhi is part of the school to be closed, however, until the 6 day, haze situation repeatedly" before municipal government determined. From the day of Diwali, New Delhi has always been shrouded in haze. From the time span, it’s not like fireworks sequela; from the pollution source, also didn’t see what a sudden increase in the capacity of sewage plant; from the seasonal change, New Delhi is still in the autumn of November, not cold to the poor charcoal heating time. However, New Delhi in this early haze days struggling". According to "Global Times" reporter, in addition to a handful of shopping malls, hospitals and other indoor building is still in use of air conditioning, the rest of New Delhi has been like a fairyland ", even indoor badminton courts, restaurants, stations, all foggy". According to the New Delhi environmental monitoring agency, over the past week, a large part of New Delhi metropolitan area PM2.5 and PM10 index were more than 500, as early as 8 to 5 when the peak period is as high as 800, the degree of pollution has reached the level of serious pollution health standard "provisions of India". "The India times" has published aerial photographs of NASA shows, including New Delhi, North Central India area continued shrouded in heavy haze, especially in Punjab and Haryana is most serious. Preliminary analysis, said the region’s largest crop burning and continues. "Emergency measures" issued 10 months late, New Delhi also hosted the short marathon and bicycle riding and other public activities, such as soon call "change harmonious life" move for the rapid deterioration of air quality in the capital of anger. College students, white-collar city, medical and health sector and other civic groups merged into protest crowd, play "I also breathe right" and "the government must do what" slogan, India media is to seize the opportunity to attack the government pollution control ineffective. Especially at the beginning of this year and in April two introduced the premise of the single and double limit line measures under the India public opinion has been tracking the new limit order why has not released, even the trial plan did not again. The government of New Delhi was shot again, with "emergency measures" in the name of the introduction of a series of "pollution control law". According to "India times" front page 7, reported that in addition to a series of closed, shut down measures, New Delhi is ready to show the way.相关的主题文章: