Next month Changchun trial trial separation system of the masses no longer ask now, people always find the relationship between people. No, not to find the relationship between people, often the door hard, ugly face, it is not easy to do simple things. 27, Changchun evening news reporter from the comprehensive reform of Changchun municipal government services "one door, a network working group learned that next month will be the trial of the" one door, a network is implemented "trial separation" system, then, the enterprises and the people looking for people, not less government. For, as long as the "one door", on a network, can enjoy no boundaries, no standard differences between the Department of government services. The masses do not ask for transparency is a basic feature of the rule of law government, service-oriented government. In the "one door, one net" comprehensive reform, the change is the original closed mode of operation of the government, to promote the standardization of the public, to promote public service. According to the comprehensive reform Changchun city government service "one door, a network group comprehensive coordination group leader Du Yong introduced, in order to change the past" people used to work Acquaintances ", according to the design idea of" trial separation ", by connecting piece and a window for the examination and approval department approval, in the background, comprehensive the window staff by the government unified deployment and management. Roughly divided into 6 categories: the main body of the market registration category, market management category, public security category, qualification class, capital construction and other integrated class, according to the category of the configuration of the integrated window 25. "The window after accepting the relevant offices according to the procedures for examination and approval, completed within the promised time, when the applicant to accept the window to get approval, cut off the face of rent-seeking opportunities, micro corruption can be significantly reduced, greatly improve the image of the government." Du Yong said at the same time, will also establish the whole traces, the past can be traced back, check the record and work schedule supervision mechanism to ensure that all the administrative licensing and services for the process, the real-time information available, the implementation process, convenient public supervision. To establish a "one-stop service, a network of government information disclosure mechanism and complaint mechanism, broaden the channels of public participation and supervision, so that the power in the sun, discover and deal with issues such as illegal conduct, Buck passing. All localities and departments of the "one door, one net" government services to carry out the assessment of the performance of the results of periodic evaluation, to promote the construction of evaluation to promote the use of evaluation. After the examination and approval will be asked to Changchun, one door, a network of comprehensive reform, the natural person to handle the commitment of the time will be greatly shortened. As for "fertility index", the prescribed time is 30 working days, the procedure after the community, street, district government services and layers of circulation, according to the new model in the "natural window" after using this large platform of a network, eliminating the public by processing time, let the information run away with only 7, the final 15 days can be a card. According to estimates, before the masses average round-trip sector and window needs 4 – 5 times, and the work waiting time in the 10 to 15 minutes, and the "comprehensive reform of a portal, a network, as long as people in a window can be completed in all matters, but also shorten the waiting time of a micro相关的主题文章: