Next week, the Sichuan basin reproduces regional pollution Sichuan online news (reporter Liu Yunan) reporter from the provincial environmental monitoring station was informed that in November 14th, affected by adverse weather conditions in winter, such as static inversion, the basin of the west, South and northeast of the city of more than 10 mild pollution, a regional pollution situation. The next week, against pollution weather conditions basin will continue, 22 days after the Sichuan strong cold air, the air quality can be significantly improved. 13, Western Sichuan, southern part of the city has been air pollution, including moderate pollution in Zigong, Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, Leshan, Ya’an, mild pollution. As of 14 o’clock, Deyang, Meishan, Leshan heavy pollution, Chengdu, Mianyang, Zigong moderate pollution, Nanchong, Dazhou, Yibin, Ya’an, Neijiang mild pollution. According to the provincial environmental monitoring center responsible person, in the Sichuan basin, static stability, inversion and other adverse weather conditions in winter is normal phenomenon, easily lead to air pollution, normalization control from around the emission reduction, dust, coal, refractory, straw etc. to control vehicle air pollution. But due to the current pollution emissions in our province strength far beyond the capacity of the environment, it is difficult to realize the transformation from the reduction in pollution to the day of good days in the short term, to use cold air and rain outside. 15, there is a weak cold air will affect the northeast of the basin, but the agitation is not great, improve air quality is not obvious. 22, a strong cold air from the north to the south of Sichuan, the basin, then the basin City air quality will be significantly improved. Recommended reading: Chengdu air pollution prevention and control situation is grim appeal for low carbon travel Chengdu has a severe pollution Environmental Protection Bureau reminded: outdoor sports to stop Chengdu home wash problems: pollution of the environment clean and wash the vehicle difficult to control   Chongqing 4 counties will work to carry out the prevention and control of Chengdu air pollution control dust pollution out of the new mobile electronic eye battle day and night patrol相关的主题文章: