Niu Wenxin: the Commission was criticized for poverty alleviation and rational can depend on the stock market is not shaking Qian Shu Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my author: Niu Wenxin 1, a stock market poverty alleviation news triggered a hot market. It is said that the Commission said that the capital market will strongly support poverty stricken areas of poverty, the poor areas of the country will be applicable to the enterprise IPO, namely, that the trial, the trial that was issued, the policy. At the same time, the Commission will still be in poor areas of the company’s initial public offering of shares, three new board listing, issuing bonds, mergers and acquisitions, etc., opened up a green channel. 2, really funny, China’s stock market is always so sad reminder? When the stock market for state-owned enterprises predicament ", and now" poverty alleviation". In contrast, the stock market is still the economic relief for the state-owned enterprises service function, play the stock market after all, including state-owned enterprises listed on the reform and restructuring of Italy, but "poverty" is different, which is not only a "public" connotation, but also reflects the stock market regulator "does not take care of the state", the stock market, investors have more interest as "shake Qian Shu" wrong idea. 3. Why do you say that? The capital market was the capital of the competition venues, "optimize the allocation of resources to the places, people put their years of hard savings into investment place, is the market economy reflects the most full place. Among them, in addition to paying taxes in accordance with the law, there is no public welfare function. Poverty would be government money to do, rather than investors in the stock market can be a charity fundraiser, but did not invest as donation obligations, at the same time, the Commission should not open different standards in the same stock market. If you want to do so, you can open up the poor version of the market, to investors to clear the risk of revealing. 4, I think, to open the poverty reduction is a good idea. Because the special policy of listed companies, will inevitably lead to capital flows to poor areas, poor areas and put the quality and characteristics of goods out of the mountains, and the realization of poverty in poor areas. But the key is to express the market: these listed companies from poor areas, the Commission for such companies audit standards? What kind of special care to enter the capital market, they bear what kind of obligations and responsibilities, etc.. In short, the need for special numbers, special information disclosure, not only the information disclosure of listed companies themselves, but also requires regulatory agencies to disclose detailed audit standards. But it can not be confused with the general listed companies, investors can not determine the regulators approved scale, which will further distort China’s capital market. 5, this matter also exposed the manager’s "inappropriate mentality". First, you cannot think the stock market is their own, want how to do; second, the market management is different from the management of government departments, you must respect and fear of the market, can not say the market and thinking power; third, you are the market regulators, regulatory standards should be treated equally, and must not favour one more than another. The most important thing is that poverty is not a market behavior, it should be government behavior or public welfare behavior, the commission must understand相关的主题文章: