Nomura expects more than 100 billion mainland insurance: capital to participate in the pilot through Hong Kong Stock Market Center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina stocks warrants 9 pm Beijing time, Reuters said China CIRC earlier issued clear, insurance funds can be involved in Hong Kong and Shanghai pilot business. The investment bank Nomura Research reported Friday at the end of July, the estimated total size of the mainland insurance company assets reached 12 trillion and 600 billion yuan, if there are 1% configuration Hong Kong stocks, means that there are about 126 billion yuan of funds in the south. Nomura Chinese insurance industry analysis team estimates, to the end of July the mainland insurance company assets under management of about 13.7% investment in stocks and funds. Although the bank does not expect the company will actively increase the proportion of equity investments, but I believe they are likely to be part of the management of assets, from the mainland to overseas some of the lower valuation and higher yield investment. The bank is also expected that the mainland insurance companies will choose to have value, yield and asset quality investment, rather than the valuation of high growth stocks. Nomura report also updated the 25 meet the pilot through Hong Kong stocks, these shares are market capitalization more than HK $10 billion for three months, the average daily turnover of more than HK $10 million, over the past two fiscal year this fiscal year and the dividend yield is higher than 4% of the shares, the bank stocks have been built for (0939.HK), ICBC (1398.HK), Bank of China (3988.HK), Bank of Communications (3328.HK), the Agricultural Bank of China (1288.HK); the Bank of Hongkong shares such as HSBC, Hang Seng (0005.HK) (0011.HK); Hong Kong real estate stocks such as the new World Development (0017.HK), the Pacific (0019.HK), Hengda (3333.HK), Shimao real estate (0813.HK); consumer such as BELLE (1880.HK), Jinsha Chinese (1928.HK) and Fung (0494.HK) etc.. China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a clear Thursday, insurance funds to participate in the pilot business through Hong Kong and shanghai. Insurance information management agencies to initiate the establishment of a portfolio of insurance asset management products, Hong Kong stocks through pilot shares. (end) editor: Li Wu SF053相关的主题文章: