By analysis of the Northeast listed companies: the biggest feature is the "shell" Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off economic 60 million Northeast Securities Times reporter Sun Xianchao continued to decline in recent years, so many enterprises in the region to feel the slightest chill. At present, A total of 149 A-share listed company in Northeast China (including Xintai electric), in order to spend the winter, some listed companies are using the capital market through the exhaust all the skills, are set by the reorganization has become the main means of northeast listed companies take. Securities Times e reporter statistics found that this year, in the northeast region A shares of listed companies, there have been 27 launched a fixed increase program, accounting for nearly 20%. Market analysts believe that the economic downturn in the northeast, although the performance of Listed Companies in the region under pressure, but because of this, but also increased the possibility of these listed companies for asset restructuring. The asset restructuring has been the subject of the most talked about in the A-share market, therefore, the listed companies in the northeast region in the next period of time should be focused on A. Set up around the main industry this year, there have been 27 northeast A shares of listed companies launched a fixed increase program. According to the securities times data center statistics, in the same period in 2013 and in the same period, the number of listed companies to increase the number of programs launched by 16 and a total of 24, respectively, in the same period in 2014. Among the 27 listed companies in this year has launched a set by the program, a program set by the 13 companies are all around the main industry, or overweight industry, or better, to extend the industrial chain. For example, Jilin high speed set by raising 528 million yuan, the acquisition of the controlling shareholder of the listed company’s main business and have the quality of assets; Huitianredian proposed increase fund-raising 1 billion 455 million yuan overweight industry; baotailong proposed increase fund-raising 1 billion 200 million yuan investment in Aerospace Science and technology industry; to be increased by raising 1 billion 749 million yuan acquisition of a number of automotive electronics manufacturers, expand the industrial chain; Chen-pao Island be increased by raising the development of medicine circulation basin to improve the industrial chain; Liyuan refined set by raising 3 billion 700 million yuan investment in rail vehicle manufacturing, industrial chain extension. In addition, there are 3 listed companies in Northeast China is set to accelerate the transformation of the company’s business. Such as *ST gene develop additional fund-raising to invest in new materials, new energy field, in order to accelerate the transformation of enterprises; as well as the time constant by raising 800 million yuan million overweight lithium battery business, Jilin forest industry to be increased by way of acquisition of its major shareholders of mineral water company, Suzhou Industrial Park Landscaping Engineering Co. Ltd. are such based on the objective. *ST alloy, Rong Branch technology, Fangda Chemical Co., Ltd., 8 companies are expected to increase cross-border acquisitions by. The main business for the fabrication of *ST alloy nickel based alloy material, the fund-raising 360 million yuan to acquire oral medical service assets; the main business of caustic soda, liquid chlorine and other chemical. The proposed increase fund-raising 2 billion yuan through the acquisition of shares of 3 companies entered the field of military. In addition, as Liaoning into a large set by the acquisition of the Chinese insurance 2 billion 700 million shares, in order to further increase the financial sector restructuring step Bureau; Dayang creation is to realize a backdoor on相关的主题文章: