Pregnancy information: how to improve maternal baby during pregnancy, a brain – Sohu how to improve the baby 1, iodine intake more brain like folic acid, iodine is an important mineral during pregnancy need. In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the lack of this mineral will reduce the child’s IQ, iodine supplementation can improve the IQ of children more than 17 points. Vitamin D vitamin D plays an important role in the normal growth and development of children’s bones and muscles, and it can control your mood swings during pregnancy. Taking vitamin D3 supplements can significantly improve children’s performance. Pregnancy can affect the child’s mental development. Avoid drinking alcohol, most of the experts are recommended to avoid any addictive substances, like tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and drugs, even before pregnancy, the addictive substance on fetal brain development will cause adverse effects. 4, intake of vitamin B and folic acid supplementation during pregnancy can improve the child’s mental health and development. Fat and protein intake will affect the development of the fetal brain, so eat more. Appropriate exercise? According to a study showed that pregnant women often forged? Her baby in the oral test than no exercise during pregnancy children scores higher, therefore, to ensure that their fixed exercise habits during pregnancy. Two, other influencing factors, the baby intelligence mother overweight according to the investigation, if the mother is overweight, or too much weight gain during pregnancy, may affect the normal development of the fetus, have influence on intelligence. 2, parents are too old, according to the research shows that if the age of parents, children are more likely to have autism, attention deficit disorder and certain psychological disorders. Mother, mother in the inadequate nutrition diet during pregnancy will affect the health of the fetus, therefore, if the mother nutrient intake is not enough, can easily lead to low IQ, learning disabilities, children with developmental language delay etc.. 4, according to the study of the process of pregnancy, the mother during pregnancy mood and pressure will affect the fetal brain development. Stress can lead to congenital brain disorders, as well as the impact of neural development. Omega 3 fatty acid deep sea fish contains Omega -3 fatty acids and rich DHA, these are the nutrients that can improve the baby’s brain, so eat more fish can help improve the child’s intelligence.相关的主题文章: