On behalf of brush water can earn 8 thousand yuan? 4 people cheated 20 million yuan Beijing – Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Fang Qing Wu Fei) last October, Mr. Liu, Mr. Lei and other 4 victims from a "intermediary" was informed that the people on behalf of the brush water can earn 8000 yuan fee white. But let them did not expect that, not only did not earn a fee, they scored 20 million yuan in other people’s accounts have been taken away. Reporters found that the search network, the so-called generation brush water, the agent is to put their money into other people’s bank card, and then turn out. So the other side of the bank card has a record of funds in and out. For the owner of the bank card, this can improve the credit rating. The agent is a corresponding fee. But more recently the national frequent "on behalf of the brush water" fraud, the victim of a credit card money that is being transferred. Yesterday, the court of Yuexiu District, Li Mouhua and other 10 defendants suspected of fraud in accordance with the law of public hearing. According to the indictment: October 15, 2015, the defendant Li Mouhua, Lin Mourong, He Moujie, Ouyang, Zou, a group of people the same clock case Kwak, Li Moujie (are handled separately) to new start-up companies need to brush the record company on the grounds, defrauding 4 victims of 20 million yuan will be transferred to a Guangzhou company account. Money to the account, the defendant will be 19 million 990 thousand yuan into another company account, and then transferred to another private bank account. The defendant Li Mouhua, Lin Mourong, He Moujie, Ouyang, a symbol of one of the Tang Dynasty, Moule respectively in December 2015, December 2016, February 2016, January 2016, October 2016 and October 2015 was arrested police. Hemou, Zou, Zhongmou were surrendered the initiative. According to the trial judge, the so-called water refers to the bank card funds out of the account. This "water" is not so important for the common people, but for many small companies directly related to economic interests, such as many banks to "water" to determine the company’s business volume and ultimately determine the loan amount. Therefore, there has been a brush on the market, the dark side of the transaction, criminals is the use of this loophole fraud want to brush the water to get commission fees.相关的主题文章: