The first OPEC agreement reached the adjustment of domestic oil prices will usher in ninth stranded [Abstract] in eight years for the first time to reach agreement with OPEC production, so that domestic oil prices down "mengsui". "Economic Reference News" reporter from a number of social monitoring agencies are aware of… Eight years for the first time to reach agreement limiting OPEC adjustment of domestic oil prices will usher in the first production reached agreement ninth year aground in eight years, OPEC, domestic oil prices down to one "piece". "Economic Reference News" reporter from a number of social monitoring agencies learned that 9 30 April domestic refined oil retail price will usher in a new round of price adjustment, then because of reduction of less than 50 million ton and ran aground almost a foregone conclusion, 9 which is stranded during the year, the National Day travel hopeless reduce fuel costs, but with the the oil quality upgrade in advance, after the National Day in most parts of the domestic car price will "drink" good oil. Since September 18th the domestic oil prices down slightly, around the U.S. crude oil inventories and reduce production agreement, and crude oil futures prices fluctuated, the rate of change of crude oil continued to rise in the negative range, and to the price adjustment near the red line. On the 28 OPEC informal talks, the long – term marathon limited production agreement was unexpectedly completed. After the news broke out, the crude oil market greatly boosted, the international oil price intraday straight pull up. "But this agreement is only reached a frozen production consensus, production allocation is the priority among priorities, at present, frozen production of the road is still there are many variables." Information Analyst Li Ye pointed out that if the market return to reason, does not exclude a significant pullback in oil prices will appear in the near future. But because the production is expected to continue to freeze for the crude oil market in the end of November OPEC endorsement annual meeting, this will form a support for oil prices, international oil prices down, and then again to maintain the shock situation, but the overall level is now rising slightly. Crude oil market boom, in September 29th, JOYOU estimates the rate of change of crude oil for -1.21%, JOYOU oil valued at $45.072 a barrel, compared with the benchmark price of $0.554 a barrel, the Asian oil valued at $44.373 a barrel, compared with the benchmark price of $0.749 a barrel, the corresponding rate of -40 yuan. "30 days refined oil retail price adjustment is not a foregone conclusion."." Xu Lei, an information analyst at JOYOU. Change of WWW monitoring rate is -1.13%, corresponding to gasoline and diesel down 35 yuan ton. Wang Neng, an analyst at the agency, said that the current downward cut is basically stranded, and that the fuel cost of the national day trip is not expected to decrease. But after the national day, there is still "happy event", that is, the majority of the country will be "country four" oil price to enjoy "country five" oil products. According to the national oil quality upgrading process requirements, since January 1, 2017, the country will implement the "national five" vehicle gasoline and diesel standards. The king said, according to the understanding of the situation, since October, many will continue in five oil replacement, in accordance with past practice, at least during the exchange, the high standard oil retail price will not be adjusted. That is to say, the three quarter of 11, in addition to the eastern provinces and Shaanxi province has implemented the national standard of five areas, most parts of the domestic car will be at the "drink" good oil.

欧佩克首达协议 国内油价调整将迎第9次搁浅 [摘要]八年来欧佩克首次达成限产协议,一举令国内油价下调“梦碎”。《经济参考报》记者从多家社会监测机构了解到…八年来欧佩克首次达成限产协议国内油价调整将迎年内第九次搁浅八年来欧佩克首次达成限产协议,一举令国内油价下调“梦碎”。《经济参考报》记者从多家社会监测机构了解到,9月30日国内成品油零售价将迎来新一轮调价,届时因下调幅度不足50元 吨而搁浅几成定局,这也是年内第九次搁浅,国庆出行燃油成本无望降低,不过伴随着油品质量升级的推进,国庆过后国内大部分地区的汽车将低价“喝”好油。自9月18日国内油价小幅下调以来,围绕美国原油库存降低及限产协议,欧美原油期货价格宽幅震荡,使得原油变化率持续在负值范围内上升,并至调价红线附近。28日召开的欧佩克非正式会谈上,长期马拉松的限产协议竟意外达成。消息爆出后,原油市场大受提振,国际油价盘中直线拉涨。“但本份协议仅仅是达成了一个冻产的共识,产量分配才是重中之重,目前来看,冻产之路依然存在较多变数。”卓创资讯分析师李烨指出,如果市场一旦恢复理性,不排除油价将在近期出现明显的回调。但由于冻产预期在11月底的欧佩克年会前会继续为原油市场背书,这会对油价形成一个托底,国际油价或冲高回落,然后再度维持震荡局面,但整体水平会较目前小幅上涨。受原油市场暴涨影响,9月29日,中宇资讯测算原油变化率为-1.21%,中宇原油估价45.072美元 桶,较基准价跌0.554美元 桶,亚洲原油估价44.373美元 桶,较基准价跌0.749美元 桶,对应幅度-40元。“30日成品油零售限价不作调整基本成定局。”中宇资讯分析师许磊称。卓创资讯监测的变化率为-1.13%,对应汽柴油下调35元 吨。该机构分析师王能表示,本轮下调预期基本搁浅,国庆出行燃油成本无望降低。但国庆过后仍有“喜事”,那就是全国大部分地区将以“国四”油价享受“国五”油品。根据国家油品质量升级进程的要求,自2017年1月1日起,全国范围内将实施“国五”车用汽柴油标准。王能表示,据其了解的情况,自10月起,多地将陆续置换国五油品,按照以往惯例,至少置换期间,高标准油品零售价将不做调整。也就是说,三季度,除东部11省份及陕西省等已经实施国五标准的地区外,国内大部分地区的汽车将低价“喝”好油。相关的主题文章: