The overseas test Citroen C4 Cactus: you can defeat the rational – this is driving car Sohu hsupai of the original article, written from the mermaid fish. Fish is a study of the transport policy in the United States in the PhD, the test drive is he done in germany. At the same time, fish and fish in the know almost also opened a column, welcome attention. Compared to the German people known for reason, the French people in the eyes of the image to be more romantic and sexual. And so is the car culture. In Germany, the type of car is probably the hatchback sedan, wagon, three, MPV, SUV of the several common. But France is different, there are many different types of models are mixed and can not be easily classified, and the French, a powerful and unconstrained style design, but also embodied in these cross-border models. I am in the German test models, Citroen C4 Cactus, this is also a cross-border car. Although the car is called C4, looks like a compact car, but in fact, C4 Cactus with the domestic small SUV Citroen C3-XR, are from the small car Citroen C3 to increase. The same PF1 platform based on the Peugeot 2008 is their common cousin, launched in 2013, the first published. After this 2014, C4 Cactus and C3-XR listed, but the latter for the China market, the former is Citroen to create genuine products in mainland europe. Although the size of the body from the point of view, C4 Cactus smaller than C3-XR lap, the length of less 100mm, width of less 60mm, height of less 80mm, wheelbase less 50mm. But in terms of perception, perhaps because of the relatively low height in visually widening the elongated body, C4 Cactus seems a lot, even than the C4 compact car is more. With its name, is enough. In the car rental company, the car is also in accordance with the compact car rental. C4 Cactus 1480mm is the only car high, complete car level, but it is a large area around the body fangcatiao, black wheel arch frame, roof luggage rack and other relative founder did so it looks like a SUV. However, compared to the general SUV or even C4 Cactus crossover, regardless of the actual size or perception will be shorter and more flat, so it is very hard to do SUV sales, which may also be the reason for Dongfeng Citroen and Chinese market development C3-XR. It also through the ability between cars and SUV, the minimum ground clearance is mm, slightly larger than the C4 sedan and C3, while providing a Grip Control system installed, through the electronic braking program provides certain wheel slip limit capacity, but compared with the hundreds of 160-200mm ground clearance four-wheel drive city SUV, and a lot of poor. But I do not know is not the French eccentric, this car C4 Cactus although the size is smaller than C3-XR, but the internal space is a lot of big I相关的主题文章: