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Transcendental Meditation Mantras By Mia Randall-winsockfix

Meditation When I think of Transcendental Meditation I automatically think of the Beatles! Although Im probably not the only one, I think theres probably a bit more to learn! The Transcendental Meditation movement (also known as TM) was started by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He started teaching in 1955 and developed a teacher training program. TM […]

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Posted By: mihir solanki What is Heart Arrhythmia? Heart rhythm problems or heart arrhythmia is a condition wherein your heart beats too fast, or too slow, or quite irregularly. A centre for abnormal heartbeat treatment may not recommend a treatment unless the condition produces bothersome symptoms that upset your normal life or may develop into […]

Why Cant I Stand Up And

UnCategorized I know why because I represented a large number of the women who attended Dr Ellie Drake’s last conference in Atlanta in October. That is the reason why it has taken me until today to finish writing this article. We were given the opportunity to have a taped interview on stage with Ellie. I […]

Csa Contact Number-jiqingwuyuetian

Credit "The Child Support Agency often abbreviated as the CSA is a financial support managed by a government body, eligibility for this benefit is based on a single parent caring for the financial support of a child. The Child Support Agency regulate and manage the payment scheme between both parents ensuring that a regular support […]