Parents of missing children three years indifferent nanny   alone; original title: the child’s mother "disappeared", a nanny for 3 years when the "mother" Prince is six years old this year. To be exact, she is six years old this year. Because there is no birth certificate with any identity information, to take care of her old nanny Xinju, can only estimate her age. The prince may not be the northeast. In fact, this is the ancient Xinju out on her own. The ancient Xinju heard Prince Mo mother of the northeastern accent, thus she judged. Three years ago, in Shenzhen, in the early days of Guangdong, the ancient Chinese of the five, was hired by the prince’s mother, sweet scented osmanthus, as a nanny at home. Since then, the sweet scented osmanthus disappeared, the old man said, she grew up alone Prince Mo, did not receive half a penny from the children’s family. 1000 strangers into family time rolls on the night. Three years is the more than 1 thousand day and night. If the Xinju night sleep to coax son Mo, tell a story, you can book estimates. After the beginning of autumn, after successive days of rain, August in Shenzhen, the sky is clear, the sun became soft. The ancient Xinju pushed an old bike on the sidewalk, walk slowly. Mo Zi is wearing a pink skirt, sitting in the back seat of the car, rickety legs from time to time, mouth yiyiyaya automatic speaking. The afternoon sun lazy and warm, roadside trees and fresh air from a wild profusion of vegetation, ancient Xinju, no time for this good weather. September is coming, the children go to school how to do? She had been worried about it for months. "Aunt!" Mo son Cuisheng habitat called ancient Xinju just return to God, to speed up the pace. She rushed to the Local Taxation Bureau of the canteen cooking before half past four. This is a job she is looking for this year, in the cafeteria responsible for the three meals a day, a month to earn more than 3000 yuan. In Shenzhen, the wages are not high, however, the ancient Xinju, the money is very important. The new chrysanthemum and Mo, living in Longhua District Guanlan District Lake Village, Guanlan people’s hospital where the distance is less than 300 meters, the traffic is convenient, but almost all of them do not get out of the village. The work of the canteen is her only job, but also can be a part-time nanny, but since the child with Mo, her time was squeezed to work side by side with baby. Zi Mo is very lively, often in the dining hall of ancient Xinju work, she is a person full of crazy run. Mom asked where one sub face muddled: "do not know what time she came to pick me up." Mother osmanthus left that year, is 2013. In July of that year, not much culture of ancient Xinju, decided to find work to support the family as a nanny. By a nanny company in Longhua, she found a job in Longhua arch village, a woman named osmanthus home as a babysitter. Zi Mo’s mother and her sweet scented osmanthus agreement, the price of 3000 yuan per month for the tape Mo, Baochibaozhu, the treatment of ancient Xinju, quite good. In ancient Xinju impression, osmanthus people look very beautiful, lively and lovely daughter Mo also love, she called Ya adhesion, small voice相关的主题文章: