Password used to decrypt ma! Five biological recognition technology of heavy things science intelligence report – Sohu (public No.: zhidxcom) Galaxy Samsung Note 7 flagship series of iris recognition function | Kathleen has just recently released in China, fingerprint recognition has almost become a smart mobile phone standard. Many kinds of biometric technology are used in intelligent devices, among which the speech recognition and image recognition are covered by the artificial intelligence technology. These technologies become a new trend of human-computer interaction, is the future of various types of terminals need to do a good job of the underlying technology. Intelligent reference of this issue, we recommend from securities biometrics report collection to the report, in the wisdom of things (public No.: zhidxcom) reply keywords "biometric" download. The rapid growth of the market in accordance with forward-looking Industry Institute statistics, from 2007 to six during the years, the global market for biometric technology average annual growth rate of 21.7%. Global Biometrics Market in 2015 will reach $13 billion in 2020 will reach $25 billion, an average annual growth rate of about 14% over the next 5 years. From 2015 to 2020, the market size of each segment is as follows: fingerprint (73.3%), voice (100%), face (166.6%), iris (100%), others (140%). Face recognition in a number of biometric technology in the first place on the increase, is expected in 2020 the face recognition technology market will rise to $2 billion 400 million. We expect to penetrate the face recognition in the case of intelligent terminals, the market size may exceed expectations. Five biometric identification of the five biometric features, but from the market share, the most likely to identify the fingerprint is expected to face recognition. The terminal consumer electronics manufacturers to use face recognition technology to speed, in two years nearly at the present stage of fingerprint identification in market share. Especially Alipay, brokerage, bank based financial services institutions have started to use a lot of facial recognition, account transfer and payment etc. in the last year, China Merchants Bank as an example, face recognition can achieve more than 500 thousand mobile phone terminal transfer, visible to the safety of identity. 1 fingerprint recognition is the most widely used biometric technology, which is mature and low cost, widely used in attendance, access control and other identity. But easy to copy, and the impact of fingerprint recognition accuracy after wear. 2 iris recognition makes use of the feature of iris region in the human eye image (ring, wrinkle, speckle, coronal) to form the feature template. The method of high identification accuracy, not easy to imitate but expensive equipment. 3 speech recognition authentication through the only characteristic analysis of speech, the equipment distance range, easy to install, but the recognition accuracy is low, the recording may be deceived, and is easily influenced by background noise, physical condition, emotional factors. 4 signature.相关的主题文章: