Penguin mother Tucao: you want to buy most of the role of inflatable doll? Hello everyone! I am familiar with the penguin mother! Want to know about the recent two – dimensional news hot spots? Want to listen to the views of these hot spots and Tucao mother? Please pay attention to the daily four p.m. the launch of the "Penguin" column Niang Tucao, we Be There Or Be Square yo! For some gentlemen, it is a normal thing to buy an inflatable girlfriend on the Internet, as long as it does not affect other people, this kind of behavior is nothing to be blamed. However, recently in Shenyang, a district, a gentleman will shower "girlfriend" into the community openly drying on the balcony, attracted condemning District residents. The district one of the owners in an interview with reporters, said: "this morning I go to work, go to the area near the middle of the green belt, looked up a scare!. A person on tiptoe, hanging in a tree, I thought it was hanged! "Mr. Zhang shook his head," embarrassed, too embarrassed! I almost alarm, thanks to a closer look, not too ashamed! "While another residential property owners said:" this morning I send children in kindergarten, the children asked me what is this, I can tell she is a clothing store model." This is really embarrassing…… No, it should be said to be able to do this kind of thing is too much courage! It is difficult to imagine how the inflatable doll is the owner of his wife under the watchful eyes of the people will hang on the tree. Here the mother Penguin also remind you gentlemen to "girlfriend" bath is a good habit, but must pay attention to dry place oh. Speaking of the inflatable doll, many people may have no brain recommend Japanese goods, said what made in Japan inflatable doll with high technical content and realistic, but domestic are often deceive copycat goods…… In fact, the mother wanted to remind everyone that if it comes to the technology of making dolls, in fact, there are many Chinese folk master yo! Do not know why, the people of the "most" this word is full of feelings. What is the world’s largest bird cage, the world’s largest Hot pot, the world’s longest chopsticks etc.. Recently, Shandong Binzhou also discovered a length of 9 meters of the world’s highest. To see this strange style, Penguin mother quickly scared. The picture can be seen in the onslaught, version of the doll is taking the China air route. The facial expression is dull, because the head is too big, the style looks a little gloomy, and the spider claw like eyelashes look the heart is very. Original style has horrible enough, the organizers will also make the doll marionette hanging on the ground, do not know pedestrians at night walk at night to see such a doll dressed in red is what mood. Netizens was the doll frightened, have commented: "Elmar, I was scared to death. What to do is not good, not the whole big version of the zombie bride." "I want to put my door cut down the tree, to apply for one of the longest in the world." If you feel the mother Penguin made a cute adorable doll that made such a big scary ghost scary doll is how ah! Urban adults get up to work quickly, the evildoer! After seeing so many dirty eyes, let’s look at some positive energy相关的主题文章: