Perfect control Yadi Z3! You also need to know 3 things through the conference, stunning and perfect, improved beta test not long ago, the global cycling enthusiasts looking for several months long Yadi Z3 finally officially on sale for the world. Whether it is through the conference site, or Baidu news, I believe we have a clear understanding of the appearance of the Z3, the configuration of the performance. However, as a centralized Yadi top technology and research in science and technology to create high-end electric cars, it contains a powerful and is not only limited to the product itself. Want to really control the positioning of high-end, the pursuit of the perfect smart electric car, you need to know 3 things. A: Yadi Z3 price to really have Yadi Z3, first of all, to know its price. In August 26th, the global offering will Z3 Yadi, Yadi first announced the price of Z3, namely China, $8588, $3388 overseas! How, is not a heartbeat, although the price is not cheap, but whether it is the work of the product or from supporting services, the price is absolutely not to say! In addition, in the course of the purchase, you can also add 500 yuan to buy a fast charger accessories for 2 hours oh. Although at present, Yadi Z3 only this one but with accessories, R & D efficiency Yadi, believe more accessories will be in a short period of time gradually appear. Second: Yadi Z3 sales words know the price, so how to buy? Query – drive sales outlets to pay, everything is so simple! In fact, from August 27th onwards, Yadi Z3 has begun to be listed in the world. For example, from 28 onwards, Yadi has been in Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Xuzhou held a test drive experience, then Ji’nan city line will continue to accept the test. Yadi follow the style of the past, the Yadi Z3 sales still only for the next line of the channel. Why not adopt the popular online channel, the reporter learned that the main consideration Yadi Z3 without the use of online sales model has two aspects: first, the line is convenient, but because of the third party logistics and distribution, so in the process will inevitably lead to bump scratch, although Yadi can be responsible for the change, but after maintenance, time delay, coupled with consumer frustration and other factors, is affects the consumer buying experience; second, Yadi as a domestic electric car leader, has reached 8622 home service network in the country, consumers can not only get through the store to buy advice from professionals, can test drive experience in purchasing before this, the quality of the user experience is not available in online mode. Third: Yadi Z3 enjoy the service as a high-end electric car as the flagship, Yadi Yadi launched a special Z3 to enjoy the service. Specific performance in the following aspects: first, the purchase of Yadi Z3 from now on users, within a year can get free maintenance as many as 20 items, including but not limited to the brake detection, shock detection, battery detection, tire detection, car lubrication etc.. Two, relying on the huge Yadi service outlets, Yadi Z3 users will enjoy a year free service, 7*24 City morning hours service hotline all day long.相关的主题文章: