Marriage-Wedding When I write I usually like to include a quote from some wise old head which is relevant to the subject matter. Well when the topic is ‘Wedding planning’ I think the Beatles said it best. Ok, so wedding gowns, floral arrangements, and dessert choices may not have been at the forefront of their mop-topped minds but I like to think buried deep, deep down in their creative mojo the inspiration came from the terror-induced panic that rears its ugly head at every bride (and groom) to be. I am of course referring to: ‘Help! But be careful what you wish for. Help might just be too readily at hand if you let down the drawbridge. Other than putting your personal stamp on the day, there are a few key things when planning a wedding that should help. First of all: Relax . This day is for you, and your friends and family are there to celebrate that fact, not to judge your choice of napkins or tone of cake icing. Certain members of your family or close friends may either try to persuade you (or they genuinely be trying to help) into hiring this band or that florist, but politics need to be left outside the door and in its place a firm decision with something that makes you truly happy. And do take magazine ‘Must have’ articles with a large dose of salt too. It may be a globally renowned Wedding magazine but ultimately anything that is written is formed by one opinion (the author) and backed by another (the editor). I got married nearly seven years ago and I think it’s fair to say that the memories of madness have passed, and now I only recollect the mandatory nodding of my head and the planning of the honeymoon. I wouldnt say Im an absolute expert on how to plan the day but I would offer these four tips, based on personal experience: 1) Get the venue picked as soon as possible. After this, everything else will feel like it’s clicking into place but without a venue you can’t book anything else! 2) Plan the planning! Get your thoughts .anised as far in advance as possible. Sounds obvious but before you know it your big day could be around the corner. Allocate certain weeknights or weekends to finding the right photographer/florist/band etc. 3) A planner or the venue’s manager will have a pretty firm grasp of the timings of the day so you won’t need to worry too much about that just make sure you have a clear itinerary of how the day will unfold and perhaps delegate someone to assist you in making sure everything is on schedule on the day. 4) Need to go to the church in the next county to meet the vicar? Make an afternoon of it and go for a pub lunch. Have to go and check out a photographer’s portfolio? Take your camera with you and get him to show you how to make the most out of it! So it really doesn’t have to be a magical mystery tour, or a long and winding road, or a hard day’s night. Really all you need is love. And patience. And careful planning. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: