Kunling exposes the uterus with polycystic ovarian problems of women of childbearing age how to care for maternal Sohu – Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Kunling and husband Jay Chou last year gave birth to her daughter Hathaway, her hands with children, and recently went to Shanghai to make the movie very busy, asked whether there are plans to have a second child. She’s got "polycystic ovary syndrome", cause hormonal imbalances, currently under the influence of a birth plan. (Kunling readme had a slight polycystic ovary syndrome, the second plan temporarily slowing) rely on motion to improve physical fitness at the age of 23, Kunling, originally expected 25 to 3 fetal birth, but because the menstrual period, the three or four doctor, accompanied by Jay Chou, a month ago, found the uterus with mild, fortunately and a few small acne long only on the face, the doctor advised her to take more exercise, improve physical fitness. She just has a lot of martial arts drama in the film, she every 2 hours of self training, the director also asked her to play before running 3 times, so she does not love to move from a girl to play sports every day of the female offspring. She said: "I will take this movie more practice, I also have to eat medicine, can see a little better, because I lack of blood, I find that I finished the martial arts drama, healthy spirit!" Relax, she nursed back to health and Jay Chou admit no contraception, everything comes naturally, "know (polycystic problem) after I want to speak, to relax, nursed back to good health." She also had 3 child will comfort myself exhausted, slowly better. She brought her children and her mother to Shanghai for her family and work. (Ling Ling and beloved daughter Hathaway) [Sohu maternal and fetal extension reading] polycystic ovary syndrome affect pregnancy? According to reports, the incidence of polycystic ovary syndrome is 5% – about 10%, is a relatively high disease in gynecology. Polycystic ovary syndrome is mainly sustained no ovulation, Kaohsiung hormone, insulin resistance or endocrine disorder characterized by a group of diseases, some people think that with autosomal dominant inheritance is a relationship. The patient showed irregular menstruation, mainly oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea or less. A small number of manifestations of menorrhagia, or irregular bleeding, infertility. Because the ovary is a persistent anovulatory state, so infertility. Or abnormal hormone environment affect the quality of eggs, the impact of early embryonic development, easy abortion. The treatment of polycystic ovary, are commonly used in clinical Diane 35 the role of androgen suppression, were treated with 35 drugs etc.. Polycystic ovary syndrome diet Chinese medicine, polycystic ovary syndrome and congenital deficiency, spleen and kidney after transport disorder and related liver Qi stagnation. The diet of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome is very important. The patient’s diet should be light, avoid spicy diet, you need to avoid sweets, mung beans, crabs, persimmon is best not to eat. Women of childbearing age ovarian maintenance precautions to establish a scientific way of life, reasonable arrangements for the rhythm of life, be living there often, plenty of sleep, work and rest.相关的主题文章: