Procuratorate staff of "149 suite" the number of hidden problems – Sohu comments yesterday, for the public interest "police officers involved in multiple sets of real estate" incident, in response to Nanchang City People’s Procuratorate of Jiangxi province said, preliminary identification of high tech Zone procuratorate staff Xu Linbao and home under the name of real estate in Nanchang a total of 149 units (rooms), purchase time from 1995 to 2015. The purchase price totaled 1.1 million yuan. Xu Linbao’s son, Long Yuewu, on suspicion of credit card fraud, the public security organs for investigation. At present, the prosecution will reflect Xu Linbao, Long Yuewu suspected of financing fraud clues transferred to public security organs, public security organs are investigating. Had been room t Auntie room "and" real God "and so on, I do not know who has 149 sets of real estate (room) and get what the" title "procuratorate staff? See this news, could not calculate that a suite of life as a "slave" of the psychological shadow area. In recent years, regulation of public power operation, and build the sunshine administration, clean government drums more densely, including the standard officials have been relatives of behavior rules, but once opened a corner, the tip of the public found some problems is still shocking, some people are still not close hand. The public was shocked to ask Xu. As procuratorate workers, and his family owns the property, the purchase price reached 1.1 million yuan, the money come from, is not a legitimate property? From the room t Auntie room "to" real God ", the public learned experience is the magic realism there is corruption in the dark, Xu Linbao will also this" routine "? Whether the "Regulations" disciplinary action "on non government agencies and government cadres business, do business decisions", or "clean from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate seized ten discipline", are "not to do business or to take advantage of his position for relatives to do business interests" statements such as, real Xu Linbao and his family if, in violation of the above provisions? Son-in-law accused of the name of Xu Linbao in the name of the loan has been more than one million yuan, and then play the "missing", Xu is not involved in it? "149 suites" how many hidden problems? All kinds of mysteries, to be solved by the local judiciary. Nanchang City prosecutors said, "criminal acts adhere to the zero tolerance, and severely dealt with, will not shield their mistakes, will not be tolerated!" From the two parallel "never", the local attitude is not clear, but it is worth asking is, Xu Linbao was originally a high-tech district procuratorate staff, he was in the online posting before exposure, units have not found his problem? The main responsibility of the party committees and Discipline Inspection Commission oversight responsibilities are implemented? The so-called zero tolerance is only reflected in the post investigation? The prosecution happen irony that the local procuratorate should ask ourselves. The event is far from the bottom of Xu Linbao. However, this does not prevent us from making assumptions at the universal level, triggering a reflection from assumptions. First, if the first pass, the Xu Linbao unit found possible selves, staff discipline trends, to "pull the sleeves" bite "ears", perhaps no later these things. Second, if the official property declaration and open system is relatively perfect, flat相关的主题文章: