This is about you acquiring a AAA heart. What exactly do I mean by a triple "A" heart. ATTITUDE: The belief to know – The love to give – The faith to grow ASSIMULATE: The knowledge – The truth – The attributes of God ACTION: The doing – The stepping out – The work – The power. How do you cultivate a triple "A" heart? With AAA living that leads to an ABC life. How is your ABC life .ing along. Do you take ACTION? How’s your BELIEF system? What’s your .MITMENT like. This is what the ABC life is made up of: Action, Belief, .mitment that is born out of ATTITUE, ASSIMILATION, and ACTION…AAA and ABC. Also, have you asked yourself lately how your PMA is …PMA, your Positive Mental Attitude. PMA is followed by ways to eliminate all negatives in life. The attitude a prime driving force because your vision/dream creates discipline to change…Erase negative thoughts as soon as you can. How’s your PMA? When you check your PMA each day, you are on your way to growing your triple "A’ heart. Positive is good! It’s all good… Fifty-five years ago a Master Sergeant of mine in the Air Force did not give me my 18 month promotion to sergeant. I really believed I had earned and deserved that promotion. After an audience with the powers, I was told that the reason was because "My heart was not in it". Needless to say, my feelings were hurt and I was very disappointed. That phrase haunted me the rest of my life. From that day until now I have always felt that whatever I did in life my heart would just have to be in it. However, I had one other issue to solve but didn’t realize what that was until only recently. What was that issue within me that was holding back lifes riches blessings. As my years went on things just didn’t seem to be working out when it came to experiencing life’s blessings. Now after two failed marriages and countless hurts, I had to know what was going on. I believed that when my heart was motivated enough then I would never feel so devastated again by not receiving the recognition that I felt I deserved. You see all I had to do was to love my work to maximize performance and to prosper. You know what: I can’t count the many times that I have been devastated by other job related hurts even when I thought "my heart was in it". I began to see that my heart alone was not enough! So what was missing? Your heart being into something may not work just right for you when that something your heart is into is simply promoted by your own self-interest. You can take that statement to the bank…Believe it! It’s an easy trap to fall into because you believe that if your self-interest is served than the interest of others will be cared for. Empathy escaped me! Negatives were created and governed me born out of false fears of more failure, more hurts, and more unbelief. I had false sense of confidence and I feltthat life was passing me by. How about .ing on with focus, determination, dedication, and certainly not fear. I call it FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt works against positive mental attitudes (PMA). I needed an arena that would foster my PMA to offer me a practical working out of positive living. Forty years ago the IBM corporation use FUD in it’s marketing. If your .pany didn’t buy my IBM .puter your .pany would really be in big trouble. The opposite of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is PMA which means your confidence is not shaken and you will be decisive, caring, and find perseverance and function to purchase whatever .puter is best for your .pany. You are not afraid of negatives any longer and you .e to realize that all negative ideas do is drive you to a stronger positive mental attitude. Negatives must be removed from your speech and thoughts to go along with an Attitude to Assimilate and take Action in life. Action leads to Belief and a .mitted heart. Out of such a mind-set of the Positive Mental Attitude you find such a posture, that success will certainly flow in humility, and you will have prosperity to give and to serve others. And this leads me to my point: It’s all about the other guy…Who you are helping…It’s about others! Are you ready to obey that wee small voice within and to take Action, Believe, and be .mitted. Obedience in the little things brings about the life. Something I missed for too long a time. "But wait, there’s more.." If you don’t take away anything from this read, do take away an understanding of that popular movie "The Wizard of Oz". The good qualities (knowledge, courage, heart, leadership) on the Yellow Brick road is you, the wicked witch is badness, and the Emerald City is your quest. Seriously, how focused and determined was Dorothy? Nothing hindered her focus to get home and have the victory. She was never a victim and always positive and caring. Her real love for others was manifested. What’s your quest, your dream, your vision? Isn’t your quest about you and other’s saying goodbye to old hurts and saying hello to the abundant, caring and prosperous life based upon an attitude that says "it’s not about me"? Get over yourself and know that developing proper PMA is a winning Action, Belief, and .mitted life helping others. It’s still about dreams reality. It’s about the joy when waking up to know your dream created a new vision on life… The vision to put your dream into action. Let me put in a plug right here for a vehicle that supports your newly found Positive Mental Attitude…A vehicle that requires that your take Action, have Belief, and .mittment. That vehicle would be Network Marketing on the Internet with your own Home Based Business helping others, that you might prosper and give. If that’s your vision, and if you can get over yourself, then you will succeed because you care for others. You can totally destroy negative talk. Find the opportunity that your heart desires, take action, have belief in that opportunity and yourself and stay .mitted. Network Marketing fosters a Positive Mental Attitude where you are only fractions away from lifes richest blessings. Remember this verse, "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me". Life is too short not to be rightly lived. When you place yourself in the face of a great opportunity and troubles .e upon you, ask yourself, "What am I doing wrong. What do I have to change so that my heart might be in it?" Stay open, stay resolute, don’t blame others, and above all never, never lose your Positive Mental Attitude. That’s what I call a triple "A" heart. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: