Pu Jinhui: to counter attack the opposition foreign Sohu in the "news diplomacy actively political cronies" Park Geun hye recently before a change of passive attitude in the face of great opposition, and people under pressure, began to "attack", trying to turn the tide of the survey: delay time, and ordered a thorough investigation involving corruption in Busan case: to carry out active foreign policy, including sending a delegation to contact the United States, Japan and South Korea to accelerate the signing of the "military intelligence protection agreement" and other measures. Yanbian University, deputy director of North Korea Research Center Pu Dongxun told the surging news () said that after the intervention of Cui Shunshi corruption case continues for nearly a month, public opinion gradually down, or park Geun hye began against the opposition counter, the game is becoming confrontation. Internal: delay the investigation and thorough investigation of corruption cases involving parallel according to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported on November 18th, scheduled to begin 16 days of President Park Geun hye’s investigation, the defense lawyer Liu Rongxia Park Geun hye puts forward 17 days delayed until next week, the South Korean prosecutors had hoped at the latest 18 days of President Park Geun hye to survey plan out the window again. South Korean prosecutors said Cui Shunshi will be a man on the 20 day of prosecution. At the same time, Pu Jinhui suddenly ordered recently, demanding a thorough investigation of the Busan tourism resort Haeundae (LCT) corruption cases. Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo said in November 16th, "Park president demanded Busan LCT corruption as far as possible to mobilize all can mobilize the power of investigation quickly and thoroughly to find out the truth, as clear as noonday involved, regardless of position, must be severely dealt with". Zheng Ranguo said, LCT suspected of corruption cases raise huge funds in secret, for the license and loans of two trillion won, the ruling and opposition political parties and bribery of public officials. The relevant personnel said that the case or the ruling new national party leader Kim moo star, South Korea’s largest opposition party to the former Democratic Party has great relevance in Yin and other important political figures. "Central Daily" reported on, the relevant political parties believe that Pu Jinhui had met with the speaker of Parliament in November 8th, and discussed the issue of the appointment of the prime minister to the relevant matters of the Congress of the United States, the president of the United States and the United States in the United States on the eve of the year, the Central Daily News reported on November 17th. From then on, keep silent on Shunshi Cui event Park suddenly ordered investigating LCT events, perhaps in the opposition party and the new national party faction of non offensive portsmouth. The new national party factions on this non park Yellow yung-che accused said, "the president ordered an investigation into the LCT event, will not only make people doubt is shifted in the direction of the investigation, and is likely to be misinterpreted as in order to resolve the political crisis and intentional". Pu Dongxun believes that to counterattack in the park at this time, in addition to fit people began to Cui Shunshi corruption intervention events become forgetful time, does not rule out its anti Park and within the ruling party reached a certain degree of possibility of compromise. Foreign: to promote a number of foreign policy decisions in foreign policy, Pu Jinhui also began to try to demonstrate its ability to act as president of the country. "Korean Daily" reported that Pu Jinhui sent as a Chong Wa Dae.相关的主题文章: