Hardware .puter help experts suggest that it is better for you to buy a motherboard first when you are going to assemble a .puter. The reason behind this suggestion is that it is the part which works as the connector between all the .ponents of a .puter. But if you are a .puter novice and hesitating between the different choices and requirements you are not very much sure about you can seek some .puter support help from experts. You can go through the rundown requirements to decide about your own requirements. Different sizes of motherboards are available in the market. In case you are buying a motherboard for an old PC of yours you need to be careful about the size. You need to be careful because in case of old .puter your motherboard you need to select motherboard that can be fixed onto your .puter case. If the size does not match you wont be able to place the new motherboard to the old .puter case. However, if you are buying the motherboard for a new .puter you need not worry much about it. However, the matter of size then will depend on the .ponents that you need to install, say the .puter help experts. Choosing a socket is important in case of motherboard. The processor is plugged in where the socket is. Processors like AMD and Intel can share the same socket. But with the advance of technology each processor is now needed to have different type of sockets because the number of pins on a socket varies these days. So without replacing the motherboard you wont be able to transfer from one type of processor to another type of processor. When you are going to buy a motherboard you will have to give proper considers tons for the CPU .ponents like memory, power supply and hard drive. One special .ponent memory cards are being technologically advanced every moments and their socket are also being advanced. For example it can be said that the mostly used memory card DDR has 184 pins in it while the more advanced DDR2 has 240 pins. Memory card are changing continuously and once the newer version of memory card are available in the market most often the older version got obsolete. So if you need to replace the older memory card due to any problem, you need to change your motherboard also. This can be very disappointing if your motherboard has not got any problem in it. As a result the .puter help experts suggest that whenever you buy a new motherboard make sure that the motherboard is .patible with the newer versions of the memory card. The case with the hard drive is quite the same. Two types of hard drives can be found in the market. The older version is named as ATA and the newer version is called SATA. Most recent motherboards support both the SATA and the ATA but some motherboards support only the newer version SATA. Though your new motherboard should be .patible with the newer version of hard drive but .puter help experts suggest that when you are choosing to buy a motherboard go for the one that supports both types of the hard drive. Power supply technology also made advances in recent times. So you need to choose your .puter keeping the .ponents in your mind. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: