Qingdao men live in Zibo GreenTree Inn one night and found the bed was full of ants by Mr. Duan bed ant startled (video screenshot) Mr. Duan was the bed of the ant startled (video screenshot) Qilu news network September 24th Qingdao Mr. Duan to travel to Zibo, staying in a hotel after a night opened the quilt, was startled by a group of ants. According to the "life circle" reports, Mr. Duan said that his friends and travel to Zibo, stay in a GreenTree Inn in Zibo District of Boshan, the results out of such a thing, this let his heart always be horrified. "If I find this problem before I go in, I can change a room or not live here, but I’ve been living here for a night before I found this problem, which has a certain impact on me physically and psychologically." Mr. Duan said. In this regard, the hotel staff told reporters, they are also relatively unexpected about this matter, not clear why ants appear. As for the request for refund of accommodation, the hotel staff said that it had submitted a report to the headquarters of the company, and would reply to Mr. Duan later. On the morning of 24, the GreenTree Inn in Zibo District of Boshan has dealt with Mr. Duan’s appeal, and the manager has apologized to Mr. Duan, and he has given cash compensation.

青岛男住淄博格林豪泰 一晚后发现床上全是蚂蚁 段先生被床上的小蚂蚁吓了一跳(视频截图) 段先生被床上的小蚂蚁吓了一跳(视频截图)   齐鲁网9月24日讯 青岛的段先生到淄博出差,在酒店住了一晚后掀开被子,被一群小蚂蚁吓了一跳。   据《生活帮》报道,段先生介绍说,自己和朋友出差来淄博,住进了淄博博山区的一家格林豪泰酒店,结果出了这样的事情,这让他心里一直瘆得慌。   “如果说在我入住前发现这个问题,完全可以换一个房间或者不在这里住了,但是我是在这里住了一晚上之后才发现了这个问题,这对我身体和心理上都有一定的影响。”段先生说。   对此,酒店工作人员告诉记者,他们对此事也比较意外,并不清楚蚂蚁出现的原因。   而对于段先生提出的退还住宿费的要求,酒店的工作人员表示已经向公司总部提交了报告,将在晚些时候向段先生作出回复。   24日上午,淄博博山区格林豪泰酒店已经对段先生的诉求进行了处理,店长对段先生进行了赔礼道歉,并给予了现金补偿。相关的主题文章: