Financial real estate fund slightly overweight overweight GREE appliances – fund channel fund three quarterly disclosure of the curtain fell. TX Irving data show that as the three quarter A shares opening shock consolidation pattern, changes in fund positions is very weak, the average ratio of the direction of the stock fund positions can be only from the end of the two quarter of 64.27% rose to 64.37%, the average position of the mixed open-end fund is almost the same, "translation" from 61.57% to 61.47%. Are heavy industries, manufacturing, information technology and financial services among the top three, the financial industry and the wholesale and retail sector by fund holdings. Awkwardness, GREE became the first fund awkwardness, but also the fund’s largest stock holdings, holdings of shares to 207 million shares. Guizhou Moutai and Erie shares ranked second, third. Slightly opening the financial and real estate manufacturing industry and information technology (information transmission, software and information technology services) the market value of the fund’s holdings is lower than the two quarter has been reduced, but still occupy the top two; the financial industry from the two quarter of fourth rose to third, and the wholesale and retail industry change position. Among them, the financial sector increased market value of 6 billion 214 million yuan, accounting for an increase of 0.38 percentage points. In addition, the real estate industry, construction industry, electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply industry and the market value of the proportion have increased slightly, while other industries most double down". The three quarter of the fund awkwardness in the top ten, consumer goods and services occupy 4 seats, three quarter star shares GREE electronics and the forefront of Midea group. Information technology accounted for only 2 seats, compared with the end of last year the beginning of the "strong" obviously pale. In addition, investment goods, finance, medicine, raw materials accounted for 1 seats, more dispersed. Among them, the GREE electric appliances after the resumption of the fund to become the first awkwardness, 135 funds together hold 285 million shares, the total market value of 6 billion 325 million yuan; Kweichow Moutai 116 fund holds a total market value of 6 billion 3 million yuan followed, Erie shares ranked third, 68 fund holds a total of 5 billion 611 million yuan. The holdings of the top ten awkwardness, GREE once again topped the fund holdings of shares reached 207 million shares, the number of the fund’s largest holdings increased 93. As a result of the overall appliance stocks to make money, the United States in the three quarter of the fund holdings market capitalization reached $2 billion 405 million. In the top 50 list of fund holdings, consumer goods and services stocks occupy the top of the table, the financial occupy 9 seats, in addition to the total number of investment products in the construction industry is also very close to the former. The fund is a major reduction in the information technology industry stocks, in the top 50 holdings of shares held by the seats of the 23, reflecting the relatively full exchange of chips between the market. It is worth noting that, in this list, or during the only environmental trimer, Jingui bank, Wuliangye, 37 mutual entertainment is positive, the rest are all negative returns. In the new top 50 awkwardness, consumer goods and services will still occupy the dominant position, Xinhai shares, Jubilee technology, Zhongtian Technology by the fund manager’s favor; and been removed out of the top 50 stocks awkwardness in the information technology industry continues to occupy more seats, Wan Fangfa.相关的主题文章: