Web-Development Higher Search Engine rankings of website results in greater internet traffic to the website. One manner in which search engines evaluate rankings of a website is the number of websites that are linking to a particular link. The sure shot mantra of increasing search engine rankings of your website is the number of reciprocal links linking back to your website. If there are two websites X and Y dealing in books. X has 1000 websites that link back to it and Y has 10 websites that link back to it. Search engines rank Website X higher because of greater number of websites that are linking back to it. So, when a online consumer searches for books on a search engine, website X would show up higher in the list of results. This results in greater internet traffic for Website X resulting in greater online sales. The number of reciprocal links is not the sole criteria that website rankings are determined through. Another major factor used to for evaluation by search engines is the website rankings of the sites that are allowing reciprocal links. If a search engine ranks a site very high and that links to site X then that will bear a much greater weight on the site rankings. For example, if Harvard or Stanford Universitys website links back to Website X then this will have a much greater bearing on the website rankings. The sole reason for this is that search engine rank these two sites very highly and considers any links from these two sites as very relevant. Hence, to increase website rankings relevant sites from which reciprocal links are desired may be rigorously evaluated and the Webmasters of these sites may be contacted for reciprocal link building. What really works here is .The more the merrier!!!. By- Ajay Sharma E: [email protected] W: .webtreetechnology../ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: