Relying on forest tourism in Wulingyuan, Hunan will take the lead in the region out of poverty – Changsha, September (Xinhua correspondent Deng Daoli) 20, precise poverty alleviation, not one person." Zhangjiajie city Wulingyuan District Committee, deputy mayor Zheng Xiaoming 20 in Changsha said, relying on the forest tourism development in Wulingyuan District of Zhangjiajie City, the precise poverty, the poverty in Hunan in the whole area at the end of this year. Wulingyuan was established in Hunan Province as the provincial poverty counties (districts), living standards are very backward, farmers per capita income of less than 200 yuan. The construction area of Wulingyuan District, the forest protection and tourism together, spend nearly 1 billion yuan to establish and perfect tourist facilities, and organized a successful Zhangjiajie international country music week, leveraging the "Afanda" promotion of Zhangjiajie, the French "Spiderman" climbing ladder, Wulingyuan peaks through the day long cycling Invitational activities, enhance the scenic spots visibility and reputation. According to statistics, in 2015 a total of 19 million 114 thousand tourists in Wulingyuan District, to achieve a comprehensive tourism income of $8 billion 20 million, an increase of 24.1%, respectively, an increase of 22.8%. In recent years, Wulingyuan actively explore and carry out the whole area to promote tourism poverty alleviation pilot work, the full implementation of "tourism agriculture, poverty alleviation and docking tourism" strategy, focus on the implementation of the construction of a number of beautiful countryside demonstration village (neighborhood), foster a number of forest tourism industry, the implementation of a number of forest tourism poverty alleviation project, training a number of forest tourism talents, establish a set of forest tourism poverty alleviation work mechanism of "one of the five demonstration projects, accelerate the rapid and healthy development of forest tourism industry, promote the poor villages and poor people out of poverty as soon as possible. In addition, Wulingyuan district has also set up "global travel" concept, the positive development of rural leisure tourism industry, vigorously develop tourism agriculture, focusing on creating a Laker in spring Gongmi, Tianzi mountain pepper, CO Ge, GE food dish SUOXIYU sealand Karp tourism industry brand, the tourism agricultural township (street), village (neighborhood) poor farmers full coverage. One industry Hing Yip wong. Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie City, unswervingly follow the road of green development, forest tourism poverty alleviation in increasing income, expanding employment, improve quality, improve the environment, and other aspects of remarkable results. According to statistics, in the past 5 years, the area of public finance for the livelihood of the people to spend up to $1 billion 875 million, accounting for 56.5% of the public budget expenditure; in 2015 the region’s per capita annual income of farmers reached $10001. At present, the region has 42 administrative villages in 24 villages from poor villages hat, poverty fell to 3516, the poverty rate dropped to 7%. Zheng Xiaohu said that through the effective docking of forest tourism and precise poverty alleviation, is expected by the end of this year, Wulingyuan District, Hunan province can become the first area to get rid of poverty. (end)相关的主题文章: