Restart the mail door to trigger a fierce battle Hilary Trump poll ankylose – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, the United States law enforcement officials said in October 30th, federal investigators have been authorized, will proceed to check those who appear with Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton? "The mail door" new mail related investigation. On investigation, the Senate Democratic leader Harry? Reed directly to the FBI Director James COMEY, who in? Shelling near election day when I restart the practice of investigation of alleged illegal. The FBI, was attacked "break the rules" The Associated Press 30 quoted unnamed law enforcement officials said, after obtaining authorization, the FBI will investigate new messages, and the focus of investigation will still be whether the message contains confidential information and is properly handled. The law enforcement officer did not say how long the investigation will last, but the investigation process will be "rapid advance". Interestingly, another unnamed law enforcement officers told the The Associated Press reporter, in fact, prior to the Komi report, responsible for the investigation of Weiner case the FBI has mastered these messages for a long time, as to why the election in the election from the remaining more than and 10 days when suddenly exposed, the mystery of reverie. In the face of the FBI suddenly launched an attack, 30, sent a letter to the Senate Democratic leader Reed COMEY, accusing the latter to restart the investigation approach is not intended to limit federal personnel to participate in political activities "Hatchie act". "Through your partisanship," said Reed, "you may have broken the law." Reed also wrote a criticism of Komi "double standard", said the Hilary "mail" incident was at the same time, but the hand grasp, the relationship between Trump and the Russian government’s "breaking news" secret. The same day, including former justice minister Eric? Holder, several former federal prosecutors have also signed a letter to the Department of justice about the destruction of criticism of Komi procuratorial personnel shall not affect the electoral process "rules", resulting in people the importance of these messages wangjiacaice. Hilary, 30, vowed not to interrupt the campaign process at the last minute". "I can’t stop now, we are warming up," she attended the campaign in the battleground state of Florida said, "no matter what the opponent threw, we are not distracted." Trump’s support rate rose rapidly Komi announced the resumption of the investigation, Trump told supporters in Las Vegas on 30, "the mail door" restart the investigation once again proved Hilary "not worthy of trust". "We have a Hilary on corruption (level) of the ultimate test, that is the power of the vote," Trump said, "the only way to defeat corruption is tens of millions (voters) went to the polls to vote." Before restarting the mail door "investigation, Hilary’s election leading nationwide Trump, take advantage of the" swing state "in most elections. Among them, the U.S. election prediction website clear political statistics of the national poll results show that as of 25, Hilary’s national support rate of the lead in Trump, 5.相关的主题文章: