Sports-and-Recreation Thousands of fans attended via runtastic web site ( and Facebook the run of Dieter Baumann, Olympic champion 1992 who reached the 19th place with a time of 31:54 minutes. With the aid of the runtastic live tracking, the speed, pace, distance and altitude were tracked LIVE and provided a great competitive atmosphere. Many used this possibility and cheered on Baumann via runtastic Cheering: one click on a button of a web site and the active athlete gets the cheerings via headphones. Many amateur runners used the chance to compare their own performance with that of the former world class athlete. They took the result with humor, because Baumann was with an average pace of about three minutes per kilometer twice as fast as an average amateur runner. Exactly that makes the runtastic live tracking so exiting. You are very close to the athlete, can see how he/she is doing and you can compare the data, in some cases even the heart rate, with your own performance , says Gschwandtner, CEO of runtastic. runtastic Live streaming With the runtastic Live streaming, athletic activities can be followed LIVE by the users. The track will be displayed in real time at a map; in addition the users get information such as the current speed or heart rate. With one mouse click on the web site you can send different cheerings to the athletes. These are little audio snippets which help to motivate and cheer on the athletes via headphones. More info to runtastic: runtastic Apps: runtastic fitness portal: runtastic in the social media: Facebook fan page: runtastic on Twitter: About runtastic runtastic helps sporty people to track, manage, plan and share their sports activities in real time all around the globe. The company provides a range of mobile sports apps for running, biking, walking and some other outdoor- and indoor activities on several platforms (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7). These apps are connected to the runtastic fitness portal (a fast growing social network for athletes). On the fitness portal users can find new sports buddies, can share their results and can improve their personal fitness performance. runtastic tries to motivate people to exercise regularly and therefore improve their performance, health and lifestyle. More than 1.5 million people downloaded the runtastic fitness apps. runtastic was founded in 10/2009 in Linz/Austria/Europe and currently consists of a team of 14. For more information and contact: .runtastic.. For questions, please contact: Florian Gschwandtner, CEO & Co-founder Kommunalstrae 15 4020 Linz E-Mail: [email protected] Phone: +43 650 777 01 90 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: