Russia in the Far East to form a heavy bomber aviation division   to cruise the sea of Japan — military – according to foreign media reports, the completion of the formation of new heavy bomber aviation division in the Far East of Russia on the task before is mainly used in the waters near Japan Sea cruise, Hawaii Islands, Guam. Reported that the new heavy bomber aviation division belongs to the Russian Far East heavy bomber forces, including plans to carry strategic missiles -95MS bombers and -22M3 bombers. Russia’s "news" quoted senior Russian Defense Ministry news reports, the Russian military will in eastern Siberia Belaya and Ukrainka two air force base deployed dozens of strategic bombers. "News" said that this is the formation of second Russian heavy bomber aviation division. Last year, Russia set up a twenty-second heavy bomber aviation division, including -160 bombers, figure -95MS bombers and -22M3 bombers and other advanced bombing models. It is understood that during the cold war, the Soviet Union often sent strategic bombers cruising in the northern Pacific, but in the 90s and the beginning of this century, such a flight basically stopped. However, in recent years, the Russian strategic bombers reappeared in the region. In 2007, President Putin ordered the resumption of long-range cruise of Russian strategic bombers. Russia has also expanded in Russia disputed islands in the South Kuril Islands (Japan, said the four northern islands) military facilities. In 1947, the Soviet Union occupied the islands and incorporated them into their territory. The sovereignty dispute triggered by these islands led to the two countries have failed to sign a peace treaty. (commissioning editor: Wang Lujia (Intern), Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: