Russian media: 225 will enable the PLA tanks and planes can carry a tiger with wings added Sohu – Military channel information: on November 29, 2013, the world’s largest cargo security – 225 landed at Shijiazhuang airport. Reference News Network reported on September 16th: Russian media said the United States, "We are the Mighty website" the author said that Chinese and Ukraine recently signed the world’s largest transport safety production -225 "dream" (Mriya) agreement will compensate for the lack of China people’s Liberation Army in terms of logistics, also will bring huge benefits to exist in Chinese area. According to the Russian satellite news network reported on September 12th, August 30th, Ukraine national Antonov aircraft manufacturing enterprise group and China airspace industry (AICC) signed a joint production of the world’s largest transport safety -225 "dream" agreement. U.S. media said that the production agreement will improve the PLA in the transport of soldiers and heavy materials rely heavily on Railway logistics. Designed by Kilph Antonov, the -225 is still the world’s largest transport aircraft. Its cargo load can reach 250 tons, a voyage of more than 14 thousand km. The website quoted Peter, a commentator for the popular science magazine, as saying: "China will have huge transport planes, not even the United States." ". The aircraft can carry helicopters, tanks, artillery and other aircraft." Reported that the improvement of military transport of goods, will give China in the South China Sea and other regions to bring great benefits. The website pointed out that the aircraft can also be used for peaceful purposes, including "The Belt and Road" under the framework of the infrastructure project. Ukraine and China -225 project cooperation agreement, the first phase of the construction of modernization in the second aircraft Antonov factory Ann -225 "dream" aircraft and provided to AICC second stages according to the company’s license an Antonov -225 aircraft in China joint series production.相关的主题文章: