School, buy a mobile phone must not fall into these five errors! The school, many students will enter the brother has long been looking forward to the university campus, open a wonderful university life, and the mobile phone is indispensable partner of the students, how to choose a suitable for your mobile phone for many prospective students quite a headache. Xiao Bian here to give you talk about the choice of mobile phones must not fall into the five errors. 1, the higher the frequency performance is better and faster in the basic core superscript thousand machines with ten core processor of the moment, we rarely see the manufacturers for their flagship is equipped with ten core processor, even Apple’s iPhone 6S is still using a dual core processor. Mobile phone operating system also affects the performance of the processor core, even the dual core apple A9 can also win a lot of Android’s quad core, eight core flagship. In fact, the core of the processor is not seen as much as possible. In Apple’s election machine which is naturally expensive to buy which, but in the Android camp we face a variety of core number and processor manufacturers, how should we choose? First, the number of processors, the number of processors can not think of the performance of high and low, determine the performance of the elements or to consider in many ways. The advanced level of the architecture, the process of using 14nm, 16nm or 28nm (the smaller the better), as well as the core operating mode determines the performance and power consumption of the processor. For example, there is a certain gap between look very good ten core MediaTek Helio X25 Qualcomm snapdragon 820 quad core processor, and the reason in the use of more advanced 14nm process and the ten core of the enormous heat reducing frequency drag. If you do not look at the core number, look at the main frequency of the bar, the higher the dominant frequency of the phone is certainly better, this idea is also a mistake. In addition to the main frequency, the impact of processor performance as well as architecture, GPU, cache and other factors. So even a higher frequency of processor is also catching up at the new lower processor, except when the same in architecture, GPU, compared to the cache (such as MediaTek’s Helio X20 and Helio X25). And the higher the frequency will bring greater heat and more power consumption, so in the choice of the phone to see only the core number or frequency is not reliable. 2, the higher the better camera pixel camera is not only the core of the number of pixels, mobile phone camera is not the higher the better, many people will find that the quality of some 16 million pixel mobile phone shot out of the less than 8 million pixel mobile phone, not to mention a treasure above those equipped with 20 million pixel camera of all kinds of copycat mobile phone, all smear out of focus noise make people think that even five years ago than NOKIA. The greater the amount of light into a single pixel area is actually more imaging quality of mobile phone also can not only see the pixels, and also the imaging algorithm, camera set-up, motor speed, flash intensity, sensor size, lens group etc.. Take HTC once UltraPixel technology, although it is only about 4 million pixels pixels, but a single pixel.相关的主题文章: