A man in Scotland caught 15 kg salmon breaking 13 years world record Michael Michel according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on October 25th, the Scotland man Michael Michel in Perthshire Lake caught a weight of about 15 kg of rainbow salmon, broke the British held since 2003 world record. It is reported that Michael caught salmon rainbow is about 96 cm long, 66 cm wide, weighing 30 pounds, while the previous world record is about 29 pounds. According to experts, the rainbow salmon at the age of 5, estimated to be slipped out of the farm, and in 5 years on many freshwater fish and fish, so its size is so great. Michael revealed that he went to the lake Earn travel, go out on a boat found the fish. He was with a small salmon bait, then a fish, he discovered that the fish was a huge monster, he spent 15 minutes with two nets to keep the fish out of the pool. However, according to the local Lake fisheries policy, all non local fish, and no one to catch the fish, shall not be returned to the lake. So, Michael placed the fish in the refrigerator, waiting for authorities to confirm the size of the fish. Tracing the history of salmon, it was introduced from Scotland in North America in 1884, and today it is more common in lakes and fishing lakes. Many of Scotland’s salmon live in the sea for up to 3 years and then return to fresh water to spawn. However, in many countries that have introduced new salmon, fishing has been a threat to local fish. (Global internship compile: Wei Hui reviewer: Zhu Yingku)相关的主题文章: