Secret bank card online trade interests of the chain: "full set" net sales of 900 yuan Xinhua Beijing August 31st new media news (reporter Cheng Qun) as long as 900 yuan can easily buy online with strangers documents to open a new account bank card, ID card, online banking U shield, bank card, bank card account information to bind single mobile phone number a series of card card. The Xinhua news agency that "Chinese Internet" reporter investigation, criminals have bank card business as a means of profit, identity card, bank card account from acquisition to sell, and finally to use, has formed a complete chain of interest. Bank card illegal trading opened convenient ways for economic fraud, bribery, money laundering and other criminal activities. Online openly bid to sell all kinds of bank cards, the reporter learned that, not only criminals will use to collect the identity card to the bank accounts, false charge. Even some criminals also openly on the Internet to bid for the acquisition of various types of bank cards, and asked me to hold the ID card to open an account. Some netizens posting said, his wallet and identity card in 2012 March was stolen, stolen immediately after the re submit a new identity. The use of these years are no problem, but recently went to the bank to work, the bank staff told someone to use his ID card to open a number of bank cards, and are open to use in the field. "I have never been so long a place most! After the loss of identity cards for fill permits not on behalf of the loss?" The netizen is why some people remain perplexed despite much thought, he will use the stolen identity cards for a large number of bank cards, the bank card was what people use? According to informed sources, the lost card being collected, will be used by a bank card, phone number card in the online sale. At present, the illegal trade bank identity card, online card, from the acquisition of the false charge, to the sale of links has formed a complete industrial chain. In most cases, the identity card, bank card, phone card will be used in a series of illegal activities, such as telecommunications fraud, bribery, money laundering, tax evasion etc.. In some forums, Post Bar, QQ group, there are different people to hang out the acquisition of bank card information every day. In a Beijing emergency money mutual aid group "QQ group, a ICBC, acquisition of Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank China price of $160 for each bank card, but I must be on site account also open online banking shield card"". Other banks did not open online banking "Puka purchase price is" 80 yuan each. According to informed sources, some people think that the urgent need of money, no money no bank card overdraft, there will be no security problems of its own funds, so will use their own ID card, bank card for sale. "Full set of card" only 900 yuan to flow? Criminals acquired identity cards, bank cards, and ultimately how to flow to the market? The reporter in Baidu search keywords "full bank card", we can see the sale of bank card information, in the introduction to see the sale of new bank card online banking U shield K treasure, account information is complete "more than and 100 full sale", and has QQ and mobile phone contact 7相关的主题文章: