News-and-Society Bring up the subject of seducing a woman and you will get some really diverse reactions. Some guys think that it is almost a taboo subject and others couldn’t wait to know more. Some guys think that they have what it takes to seduce single women and other guys think they have no chance at all. Depending on where you stand right now with your experiences with women, you ought to know that seducing a woman is not really as .plex as it might seem to be. You have to learn what intrigues a woman sexually and what it is that drives her wild. You have to find out what it is that she lusts after and be the man that will give it to her. If you want to seduce single women, then you have to also be a guy that isn’t afraid to take chances, either. After all, you do face the possibility of rejection each time that you try. On the other side of things, the rewards are pretty sweet as well. So, how should YOU go about seducing single women? 1. Don’t "try" to be a player if that is not who you are. You don’t have to take on some wild image that is NOT you in order to seduce a woman. And to tell the truth, most guys that try to be a player with women end up anything but. They wind up being the kind of guy that women laugh at when he walks away. The kind that they remember, but NOT in a good light. 2. DO learn how to be engaging around women. You have to be able to get an interaction going with a woman if you are ever going to make the move on her. You can’t just walk up to a woman on a cold approach and expect her to drop to her knees and fall for you. You have to know how to use your personality to trigger her attraction for you. 3. Make your move when the time is RIGHT. I know this sounds a little vague, but there is no set blueprint on exactly when the time is right to make your move on a woman. If you want to seduce a woman, then you have to get to know about her. Every woman is a little bit different than the next, and you have to be able to adapt in order to make your move on her. Copyright (c) 2010 C Tyler About the Author: 相关的主题文章: