Selina pig soup – "innocence" mind MV first "mind pig soup – to reproduce the childlike innocence" poster "Selina heart pig soup -" MV Selina "heart innocence on-line pig soup -" MV Selina "pig heart innocence innocence" MV "first soup – soup -" pig heart innocence MV starting Sina entertainment news McDull seventh film "McDull – Jones" will be held September 15th rice treasure national release, September 7th by micro-blog Selina[] Selina Ren to sing the theme song "heart" pig soup – Innocence MV first exposure. Selina light singing collocation McDull bright and lively picture, interpretation of innocence McDull story. "Pig heart soup -" innocence MV once again presents us a lovely and warm with the strength of McDull Selina image, lively interpretation of collocation movie clips, showing McLeod funny with the philosophy of life and charm. The song "heart" is still the continuation of the pig soup – Innocence, a catchy musical style, more into the no matter when and where to maintain a childlike heart to face all the difficulties and challenges to face life and optimistic attitude. Over the past 20 years, McDull has brought us laughter, but also brought us warmth; accompanied by our growth, but also let us see the shortcomings of life. The film side invited Selina to sing the theme song, but also hope that through her lively interpretation, let the audience feel again the innocence of the charm, can MV together with Selina to retain the innocent, childlike innocence and courage, not old, not afraid of difficulties, the most simple innocence of power in the face of life. In the recording process, Selina Selina Ren also said jokingly: "McDull image special lovely, and I feel it is the likeness of the place, and I have seen before" McDull "movie, think McDull is a particularly lovely, although small, but the heart is with infinite power, feel like Altman, to assume the responsibility to fight monsters and protect the earth, no matter what things still remain in the music of" McDull "spirit." "McDull – Jones" by Xie Liwen rice treasure as a director and screenwriter, Alice Mak painting creation. The film will be released in September 15, 2016.相关的主题文章: