Senior do not hurry to find work to accompany students recruitment is mainly the newspaper news (reporter Lin Qi) recently, the "slow employment" popular, students choose "slow employment" for various reasons. Yesterday, Bo talent market recruitment, business management professional senior girl Xiao said, "I will accompany to recruit mainly students, he is’ soy sauce’." Upon graduation, the other students busy around in Shuangxuan small Xiao has been in neither fast nor slow recruitment, occasionally calm to cast a resume, received the interview notice to see a pick. In yesterday’s recruitment site, small Xiao accompany students walking a few laps at the scene, a resume is not voted out, for your future occupation planning is not very clear she said. Small Xiao told reporters, "before the university graduates may need to work for my family as soon as possible, but they are mostly only child of this generation, economy is not so much pressure, coupled with the students’ ideology more open and active, assertive, but my parents did not push me." 23 year old Chen Zhe graduated in March last year, the other students are still around your resume, he would have found a sales job. However, a month ago, he resigned. A good academic background, now have work experience, the prospect of a Chen Zhe optimistic: "find a more humane work should not be difficult." Chen Zhe with a resume running several job fairs, the number of resume out no more than five copies, "I don’t worry, slowly, more the job attitude than before and. Have saved some money anyway before, not by the parents to feed themselves."

大四学生不急着找工作 称来招聘会主要是陪同学   本报讯 (记者 林祺)近来,“慢就业”流行,大学生们选择“慢就业”的理由各异。昨天,汇博人才市场的招聘会上,工商管理专业的大四女生小晓说,“我来招聘会主要是陪同学,自己就是‘打酱油’的。”   临近毕业,别的同学忙着四处参加双选会,小晓却一直不紧不慢地参加招聘会,偶尔淡定地投个简历,收到面试通知就挑拣着去看看。在昨天的招聘会现场,小晓陪着同学在现场走了几圈,一份简历都没有投出去,她说自己对未来的职业规划还不是很清晰。   小晓告诉记者,“以前的大学毕业生可能需要尽快工作养家糊口,不过他们这代人大多是独生子女,经济压力不那么大,再加上90后大学生思想观念更开放和活跃,更有主见,而且爸妈也没有催促我。”   23岁的陈哲今年毕业,去年三月,其他同学还在四处投递简历时,他就已经找到了一份销售工作。不过,一个月前,他辞职了。   有着不错的学历背景,现在也有了工作经验,陈哲对前景一片乐观:“找个更人性化的工作应该不难。”陈哲拿着简历跑了几次招聘会,投递出去的简历数不超过五份,“我现在也不着急了,慢慢来,这次找工作的心态比之前平和多了。反正之前也存了一些钱,不会仅靠着父母养活自己。”相关的主题文章: