Since the last seven losses haiwangshengwu stripping subsidiary Sohu financial system reconstruction of the pharmaceutical business continued stripping seven loss making enterprises haiwangshengwu pharmaceutical business system Wu Yong, Zhang Jiazhen reconstruction this year, Shenzhen neptunus bioengineering Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as " ", 000078.SZ; haiwangshengwu;) continuous operation in the capital market caused concern to the industry. Recently, haiwangshengwu announced, in order to further improve the system of the pharmaceutical business in Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Anhui, Heilongjiang province and its surrounding areas, the overall competitive strength, the company intends to invest in the province nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan to set up six regional Haiwang Pharmaceutical Group company. At the same time, haiwangshengwu announced to spend 330 million yuan, the integration in the field of medical equipment continues to force. At the same time in the reconstruction of pharmaceutical commercial Haiwang biological system, stripping loss of enterprises to get rid of drag on the performance of " heavy " the pace did not stop. The reporter combing found that since last year, has stripped neptunus bio seven loss making enterprises. Ding, Beijing, who is in charge of medical consulting Shi Lichen opinion, the move or whitewash the performance of suspicion. For these problems, "China business daily" reporters call, letter to neptunus bioengineering, and came to the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen for an interview, as of press time, no further reply. The reporter found the disposal of non-performing assets combing, since last year, the pace of enterprise haiwangshengwu stripping loss has not ceased, and has stripped 7 losses of subsidiaries. According to the company announcement, June 2015, the controlling shareholder and the company of Shenzhen neptunus neptunus bioengineering group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as " Haiwang Group ") signed the equity transfer agreement, Shenzhen Haiwang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Haiwang Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. and Sanya Sea King Marine Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Haiwang Tong love Medical Information Consulting Co. Ltd, Hangzhou Haiwang Industrial Investment Co. Ltd. and other five companies 100% stake in all transferred to the Neptune Group, the transfer price of 430 million yuan. In addition, Shenzhen city in September 2015 the Milky Way pharmaceutical investment Co., Jiangsu Haiwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 60% stake in the Milky Way to transfer its holdings to Nantong Su Chinese Medicine Logistics Limited, the transfer price of 14 million 920 thousand yuan. As for the equity transfer, neptunus bioengineering said, given the company a subsidiary part of the pharmaceutical industry in recent years continued losses in the short term, no obvious signs of improvement; to optimize the company’s business structure, improve the overall level of profitability, the company intends to transfer part of the loss making enterprises; to support the development of listed companies, the controlling shareholder of the transferee company Neptune Group agreed to part the loss of corporate equity. Reporters combed found that in the first half of 2015, the 6 companies have suffered varying degrees of losses. Among them, Shenzhen neptunuspharmaceutical company limited loss of 25 million 533 thousand and 100 yuan, Hangzhou Haiwang Biological Engineering Co. Ltd., a loss of 15 million 955 thousand and 400 yuan, Shenzhen Haiwang children love Medical Information Consulting Co., a loss of 147 thousand and 300 yuan, Hangzhou Haiwang Industrial Investment Co., a loss of 105 thousand and 100 yuan. Simultaneously,.相关的主题文章: