Business At some point in life, we may find ourselves friendless. This is generally a temporary situation, but can seem hopeless when faced with the prospect of being alone. However this time alone can be restorative and lead to self-improvement and renewed vigor. It is important not to be passive during this period. Wallowing in loneliness can lead to depression and deeper problems. Resolve to get through the situation and visualize a positive out.e. Here are some specific things one can do while friends are absent from our lives. 1. Focus on your work A renewed dedication to a job can ultimately have a positive out.e on the rest of one’s career. Working hard is a sure fire way to forget any troubles as it occupies the mind and keeps one focused on other things. If you detest your job, put your energies into finding another one. 2. Add to professional skills Take a class, in-person or online, to bolster your resume and gain new knowledge you can put to use. This is a positive step that not only will keep your mind sharp, but ultimately benefit financially. 3. Take up a hobby Most of us have had a longing to take up some hobby that we never feel we’ve had time for. Now is the time to take it up. Hobbies can also lead to meeting new people, which can help end the friendless period. 4. Enjoy time alone For some reason people feel self-conscious about being alone while eating in a restaurant or seeing a film. This has to do with our ego and the feeling that others will judge us. The fact is that no one really cares! Go out and have fun. 5. Get a pet The .panionship one gains from a pet can be of great .fort during lonely times. It also keeps one busy caring for the animal – feeding, cleaning and exercise. If reluctant to take on the responsibility it is possible to volunteer at a pet shelter. 6. Do some good with volunteer work Just because one’s without friends it doesn’t mean having to be alone. There are a multitude of opportunities to volunteer one’s time and talent for charity work. Virtually no charities will turndown help. Plus this benefits mental health by providing a feeling of satisfaction by helping people. 7. Exercise This is another great activity that not only helps one get over the period of friendlessness, but will improve one physically and mentally. Don’t go overboard and risk burning out and not sticking with an exercise program. Begin a regime slowly and build up over time as you get in better shape. Also, many exercises are done in groups; even if you don’t necessarily make friends, it is .forting to be around others. These simple but effective ideas for managing loneliness will get one through the difficult times. The key is mental outlook .bined with action. Taking up any of these suggested activities will help one be content with living without friends, but ironically will likely lead to finding new connections and potentially new friends with .mon interests. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: