Shandong Province selected 30 medical personnel to carry out Tibet hydatid disease epidemic prevention work flow adjustment — Health Channel – original title: I select 30 medical and epidemic prevention staff to carry out Tibet hydatid disease work flow adjustment according to the national health and Family Planning Commission unified deployment, this year 8-10 month, from 17 provinces (City) from experts, targeted aid the Tibet autonomous region to carry out a comprehensive investigation on the epidemic situation of hydatid disease. I assume the province investigation task aid city of Shigatse Panam County, sang Zhu Zi District, ANGREN County, Nielamu County, Namling county 1 District 4 counties, 40 villages, a total of 8000 people, accounting for about 11% of the assistance mission, work is the most important task, aid workers in most provinces. The Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission, the provincial development and Reform Commission Office, Shandong Tibet Tibet Center Management Group attaches great importance to and actively coordinate the implementation of the Tibet work flow adjustment funds. In August 23rd, our province 30 medical health epidemic prevention personnel system now departed from Ji’nan, flew to Tibet to carry out a period of about 1 months of hydatid disease work flow adjustment. 30 group of players were from Ji’nan, Qingdao, Zibo, Yantai, Weifang 5 city and provincial hospital, Qianfo Hill hospital, medical imaging, Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Institute of parasitic disease and other medical institutions for disease control experts and clinical experts B. In August 22nd, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission held in Shandong province Tibet aid echinococcosis flow regulating departure mobilization meeting, deputy director of committee members of the party, comrade Yu Fujun attended the meeting and proposed requirements: one is to fully understand the significance to carry out the work of the group of hydatid disease, strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission. The selection of players to Tibet Shigatse City 1 District 4 counties of hydatid disease is regulating counterparts in Tibet, is an important part of the province in 2016 in Tibet, it is an important task of the national health and Family Planning Commission gave me hope, current players from a strategic and overall perspective to fully understand the significance of Tibet flow hydatid disease the work, with a high sense of responsibility and mission to participate in work flow adjustment. The two is to fully understand the enormity of the task of Tibet, I continue to play, the fine tradition of the successful completion of work flow adjustment. In view of the local living environment and working conditions more difficult, I hope the players remember our mission, fully carry forward dedication, hard-working spirit, pragmatic and practical work, the successful completion of the task of tibet. Three is the strict organizational discipline, strengthen communication, to ensure the safety of aid work smoothly. Streaming players to strengthen the organization and management, the establishment of a close communication mechanism, strict self-discipline, in good faith, and deal with the local units, the relationship between the masses. At the same time stressed that the flow of players should pay attention to the details of the work, and strengthen their own security precautions. Commission personnel department, finance department, disease control department, propaganda department responsible comrades attended the mobilization meeting.     source: Shandong provincial health and Family Planning Commission website (Juan: right, commissioning editor Xu Xinyi)相关的主题文章: