Shanghai – California innovation dialogue between the two sides to talk about the innovation of the elite – Sohu science and technology in September 13th, the second Shanghai – California innovation dialogue in Shanghai grand opening. This dialogue brings together outstanding Chinese and American business, academic, political experts and scholars to discuss the issues of innovation and development in California and Shanghai. Shanghai Municipal Science and technology commission chief engineer master national day, Yangpu District vice mayor talks, executive vice president of Fudan University and the University of California, Santiago Bao Xin, executive vice president of Qualcomm communications policy professor Peter Mr. COWHEY attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Liu Chenggong, deputy party secretary of Fudan University. Representatives from China and the United States universities, government, business, media and other institutions and guests of a total of more than 100 people attended the dialogue. During two days of meetings, many known industry leaders will take turns on stage, bring the collision point of confrontation and thought. 3D Robotics CEO Chris ANDERSON, BGI Agricultural Group Chairman and President, former mayor of Jining, Mei Yonghong, Santiago University of California design lab director, former deputy director of Apple Corp technology team Don NORMAN, former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, Fudan University six Industrial Research Institute, Zhang Laiwu chinapnr limited company president Zhou Ye, respectively keynote speech. The dialogue was held in Shanghai from September 12th to 14. During the meeting, the experts and scholars will focus on innovation, innovation of Sino US prospects in California and Shanghai, the driving force of regional innovation cluster analysis, human capital and innovation, artificial intelligence and robotics, precision medical, financial science and technology innovation in the field of industrial development, technological innovation, financial innovation of financial power and other issues in-depth communication AC. The exchange form is the General Assembly speech, and questions and answers, and face-to-face exchanges between enterprises; covering the two areas of California and Shanghai, the driving force of innovation involves many aspects from research to commercialization, including change, innovative forms of system design, government and industry relations, laws and regulations, the financial and business model, cultivation and sustainable talents, as well as banks, venture capital, individual investors how much capital boost innovation and industrial development etc.. It is worth mentioning that the first set of dialogue Roundtable dialogue preheating the evening of September 12th, Fudan University, Dean of the school of economics, Fudan University China socialist market economy research center director, Fudan Development Institute Vice President Zhang Jun and Santiago California University of global policy and Strategy Research Center Professor, twenty-first Century Chinese academic director Xie Shuli (Susan SHIRK) launched Chinese economic dialogue around and Sino US relations. The second "Shanghai – California dialogue" sponsored by Fudan University and Santiago University of California, Fudan Development Institute, College of economics, Fudan University California College of international conflict and Cooperation Research Institute, School of global policy and strategy of California University of Santiago co host, and sponsored by the Shanghai local enterprises and institutions. 2015 in Santiago, the United States held the first "Shanghai – California innovation dialogue" opened the Sino US college double.相关的主题文章: