Shanghai Shenjiahu high-speed serial crash: the road is wet and slippery like a skating rink – Sohu news in November 6th, Shanghai Pudong S32 (Shen Jiahu) highway two pileup, resulting in more than and 40 deaths and 9 people injured. Reporters learned from the hospital: at present the wounded stable. And a video of a car accident provided by the user: when the accident occurred, the vehicle traveling in the fog, slippery road, like skating. With the anxious voice of the brake, many vehicles in the fog crashed into a pile, there have also been behind the vehicle rear end collision, the sound of brake and shrill. Witnesses saw back there are a lot of cars are still desperately accelerated, still hit, and rear end to catch up, here are not brake. In the video, a red tank hit straight to the front has stopped the vehicle, then a red tank car sped by and crashed into the front of the vehicle, then rushed down the embankment. At this time, the rear came a blue truck, the driver slammed on the brakes, the truck turned nearly 270 degrees, and finally stopped, a large number of trucks rolled down the roadbed. The truck driver said, "it’s a foggy day. When you see an accident in front of the vehicle, the car is on the brakes and the car is out of control."." Car accident video exposure, once again remind the driver: fog must keep the distance, slow down.   相关的主题文章: