Shenzhen called on to shoot, the traffic police exception? Original title: call on the public readily shoot, traffic police exception? Author: Zhu Dazhi called the police after the briefing "repeatedly advised invalid" and "forced away" and so on, this will be condescending, legitimate evidence of citizens when the object of law enforcement mentality in the country continue to emphasize the current administration according to law, very be inopportune or inappropriate. The afternoon of November 4th, Shenzhen Mr. Lee and his wife drove by Sheng Po and cloth LAN Lu over the red light intersection, saw a police car illegal lane change (compaction line across three lanes), sitting in the copilot position on the Lee off camera, and then the police car on the police clashed last. The latter was down kneeling in the street. 6, Shenzhen police said that micro-blog was informed of the matter, the police advice is Mr. Li not to take photos in the driveway, Longgang police have apologized to Mr. Li, the inspector has arranged for the departments involved in the investigation. According to the bulletin said, at that time Li Yangzheng led police 3 auxiliary police driving a police car out of the police, because the road has affected the normal traffic and Mrs. Lee driving the car; Mr. Lee to take pictures, "they don’t get off the police persuasion to continue shooting, but repeatedly advised invalid, ordered the two men forced away to the roadside and dispute". Although the Shenzhen traffic police department informed itself is the official proclamation, but the official bulletin of language, or people feel uncomfortable. Even the Shenzhen traffic police department has admitted that their police officers have been driving down the road, which has violated the provisions of the road traffic safety act. In this case, the people get off camera evidence, reasonable and legitimate, others can not be forced to stop, not to mention the police is a violation of the party. The police after the briefing using inappropriate "advice", also claimed that "repeatedly advised invalid" and "forced away" and so on, this will from legitimate evidence citizens when law enforcement object mentality in the country continue to emphasize the current administration according to law, is anachronistic. The police will take pictures of citizens down kneel this serious violation of civil rights and personal dignity of the plot, but is not informed, is busy that what "Shenzhen City Traffic Police Bureau of Longgang brigade leadership attaches great importance to the brigade, squadron representative apologized to the parties, the police also made a sincere apology and understanding of the parties". I don’t know how they made it clear. In many cases, the execution of the strong sector is not only the performance of law enforcement, it is possible to show in the understanding of this kind of thing. Fortunately, the higher authorities have arranged inspectors involved in the investigation, I believe there will be a statement soon. However, when Mr. Lee pressed kneel photos spread throughout the network, some basic facts is not pending further investigation is clear, the relevant notification to snatch the mobile phone, don’t have to dress up, to kneel down key plot such as "dispute, understatement". In the mobile Internet has been popular today, such a public relations, it is unwise. On the Shenzhen traffic police, a few days ago there was a wide concern. The evening of November 1st, Shenzhen police launched indiscriminate beam special rectification action, put forward a "sit car checked the main beam of green special chair" – Wei相关的主题文章: