Shenzhen Zhongchuang Tencent opened space   adjacent to the new headquarters – Shenzhen channel, October 14th, Tencent multi-creation space (Shenzhen) officially opened. (Tencent for map) in Shenzhen in October 14, (Chen Yuzhu) in October 14th, the Tencent public record space (Shenzhen) officially opened. The overall size of the park reached 10000 square meters, is currently the largest line of Shenzhen science and technology innovation space, will focus on mobile Internet and intelligent hardware industry chain to build a complete ecological community, and to help entrepreneurs to fully docking Tencent and all resources to provide all elements of three-dimensional incubation acceleration service. Shenzhen Tencent public record space opening coincides with the second "national innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples" week, park is located just in the Gulf of Shenzhen as the main venue of the business square range, located in the heart of Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship, and adjacent to the new headquarters of Tencent Binhai mansion. Deputy general manager of the Tencent open platform and space general manager Wang Lan said, the Tencent public record space is not a traditional line of business incubator, but a collection of Tencent Inc for nearly twenty years and five years experience in Internet products open resource accumulation, build online and offline business platform total factor. This platform will be committed to solve the problem of entrepreneurs from the flow, funding, training, corporate services to the full range of branding. As one has been in the country has 30 Entities entrepreneurial base, Tencent invested a lot of space in the public record of Tencent internal resources at the same time, also give full play to the Tencent platform polymerization capacity, the linkage of the government, operators and other resources to help entrepreneurs to improve business efficiency, achieve rapid growth. It is understood that Shenzhen Tencent Chong Chong launched a set of space Q set, Q, as well as the creation of the Q Chong Chong three unique entrepreneurs service. Among them, Q is a set of links to resources service platform as an open sharing, the ecological system is committed to create a set of entrepreneurs, investors, service providers in one, providing a one-stop business service market for entrepreneurs. A Q camp is based on the tutor team, establish a mentor open day, Tencent entrepreneurship training camps, coral innovation work camp, B2S characteristic mode of training courses, so that entrepreneurs can be famous coffee face-to-face exchanges and Tencent, HUAWEI, Sannuo and other enterprises, to accept the ideological collision, learning successful experience. The focus on the construction of the Internet and intelligent hardware ecosystem community Q create a set of entrepreneurship, life, social entrepreneurship community. (end)   (commissioning editor: Chen Yuzhu, Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: