Arts-and-Entertainment If you want to learn to play the flute, there are two methods of learning it, that you can choose from. One is to take Singapore flute lessons and the other is simply to just learn by yourself. To know which one will work best for you, you will have to identify the pros and cons of both methods. You may be one of those people who prefer the strictness of a set schedule to get them to study and practice. If you want to be.e a good classical player, you are probably better off choosing a traditional teaching method. Of course, there may be schedule or personal constraints that keep you from learning in this method and in this case you may prefer to teach yourself. People who went for the option of self-study usually did it mainly because they wanted to be able to dictate their own schedule. However, you decide to learn to play the flute, the important thing is that you not let anyone tell you that you can’t learn to play. Many flutists are traditionally taught, while others are self taught. Should you decide to take traditional Singapore flute lessons then you should choose a teacher you can have a good relationship with. He should be able to teach you to play the flute in a very fun, and exciting way. When you have the right teacher you will receive a very enriching experience. Whereas the wrong Singapore flute teacher will be very frustrating, and may even cause you to stop taking the lessons. It may destroy your love of the music. Should you practice at a fixed time everyday? The answer will be different for each individual. There are people who think that a set schedule gives them more discipline and, therefore, make them more productive. Others feel that being able to pick up the flute and practice anytime of the day gives them more flexibility. Some, though, choose to .bine the two methods. Should you learn to read music? It really depends on how serious you are and whether you feel .fortable learning to read music. There is actually nothing wrong with learning by ear and at the same time, trying to learn by reading music. If you plan on playing classical music you will have to learn to read music at some point. What Resources should you use? There are plenty of resources besides your flute class which can help you learn more quickly. Listen to records, talk to other flute players, read books, go to performances, play different types of flutes and be absorbed by the music. Love your instrument You can not play flute music without your flute and you must realize that it takes both you and the flute to produce that beautiful music, so love your flute and learn every one of its nuances. The method you eventually choose is not really what’s important here, what matters is that you made the step towards realizing your dream, and with a .mitted heart, do your best to enjoy the process. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: