Show, fraud, out of control, the webcast bonus era to end? The |Ata – Sohu of science and technology with the development of mobile Internet, more and more industry trend of mobile terminal, the media in the field of news, video broadcast has been stationed in the mobile phone terminal, APP for many users is only, cannot do without experience. As a result, the network has become an emerging industry, to attract more users live, the word is like a fireworks fireworks, scattered scattered everywhere to the network. Network broadcast platform, the main structure is built by the anchor and the fans, the most important thing is the gift presentation, followed by the interaction between language and text. Anchor for users, broadcast platform can provide the core value is: show and realized their assets; for the fans, broadcast platform can provide value is: to meet the spiritual needs, needs can be divided into: hormones, satisfy the vanity and sense of dignity, to experience the wonderful world, to find the same exchange of ideas, the pursuit of spiritual growth and so on. In order to coexistence, anchor hard meet the fans demand, fans to spend money like water Bo live with a smile, just like a watch, is a peaceful, but the actual situation is not so. The human spirit is a need of alienation, although different but still have a lot in common, to meet the demand of the hormone most attention, so this is the main reason people watch men ratio as high as 80%, has become the main source for the present and popular part of the anchor. But is it really a good time? The answer was No. Earlier this year, a broadcast platform made dolls hot topic suddenly appeared on micro-blog, according to the screenshot shows, in a Betta live platform called "uninhibited 123" anchor, even in a live broadcast behavior. And the network anchor live animal slaughter, attracted more than 30 thousand fans attention, after the incident, someone’s anchor and team due to illegal hunting, is being investigated by the police. In order to control these network broadcast chaos, in July this year, the Ministry of culture had announced a number of various types of network performance platform in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other 6 provinces of the inspection results, the 26 network performance platform for allegedly preaching obscenity, violence, abetting crime and harm of public morality and other illegal content is found to be 16881 the performer is illegal network processing. Market disorder, live as usual live means acting platform has been unable to attract audience attention, more and more offbeat and anchor began to seek a new theme, staged after workout content to enhance the freshness of the audience. Such as a well-known network platform anchor stone Moumou, when he was driving in the live, but he and the car on the two female passengers ready for sex trading bargain process to broadcast to many users. Although the police later identified the entire broadcast process is in accordance with a stone Moumou rehearsed speech content, but still have the adverse effect, at present, Shi Moumou has been released, was included in the Shanghai platform network anchor blacklist, the public security organs lawfully sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days. The evening of October 25th, another well-known platform anchor Hwang, was 300 thousand for the audience to make the two drug action. After the incident, the Shanghai public security organs to start.相关的主题文章: