Sichuan Langzhong officials said local families pianbao qualification has been canceled the original title: network transmission Sichuan Langzhong township cadres and their families "pianbao" local responded that the staff of this month has been disqualified Beijing News News (reporter Li Ming) today (10 days), a cadre of Sichuan Langzhong urban and rural township more than gold families enjoy subsistence allowances in the online news spread. Some netizens questioned said that in the low register township cadres and their families, several have died, "pianbao" too. This afternoon, the Langzhong Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs Department low staff responded that the net "families of cadres" low household has this month is not clear in the current review, guaranteeing the list. According to a "net transfer of Langzhong urban residents minimum living object list" remake of the picture shows, low number, the head of household, month guarantee amount, preserving the time with time fill in columns, labeled as "the 3 quarter of 2016". Netizens pointed out that many people are in the list of Jincheng Township, a village branch secretary of the discipline inspection cadres cadres etc.. Family members, including the director of Feng Wenyue’s wife, aunt is also on the list, but Mr Wenyue Aunt Zhang died in 2015. Netizens questioned, people are still in the low death list? This afternoon, this reporter to the Langzhong Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs Bureau of verification, the subsistence allowances inquiry staff told the Beijing News reporter, a network of "cadres and their families are not in the list of subsistence," in October this year has just cleared the "staff explained that the minimum is dynamic, review every year, do not meet the standards will be disqualified. For network transmission of file lists "families of cadres" personnel identity is true, and had low household meets the requirements, the staff said the specific situation in the village to verify, and that has been the situation back to the gold in urban and rural areas, by the township to answer." But as of press time reporter, did not receive the relevant urban and rural personnel reply. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: